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Jun 13, 2005 01:27 AM

Pho in Dallas?

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Hi, new to Dallas, from Houston. In Houston, there is seemingly a good Pho place on every block. I'm having a slow start finding them here.

Any recommendations? So far, the best I've found is Pho Pasteur II in Carrollton (in a Vietnamese shopping center), and the worst is Pho Boston in Plano (incredibly greasy).

OK, to be fair, the Pho at Mr. Chopsticks in Denton was even worse.

My ideal is specialized Pho restaurants, as opposed to Vietnamese restaurants that serve Pho in addition to many other dishes.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. It's part of a mini-chain, but Pho Que Huong on 15th (at Independence) in Plano is very good. The pho is definitely the star of the show, but they also have a broad menu including banh mi and vermicelli. My recent favorite is their "beef combination" -- three different kinds of meatballs (for want of a better word) served with vermicelli, garnishes and wrappers.

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    1. re: Kirk

      Que Huong is horrible. Pho 95 is the best all around.

      1. re: JT

        Can you expand on your statement that Pho Que Huong is horrible? Are you referring to the one in Plano?

        1. re: Kirk

          pho que huong is terrible. try bistro b in garland or my personal favorite pho express on belt line near josey.

          1. re: blakepilot

            I third or fourth the "que huoung is terrible" comments. It might be the worst pho on Earth.

            Unfortunately, I live in East Dallas and am forced to go to Vietnam. While it is not great Pho, it is WAAAAY better than Que Huoung, which I believe means "native village" or some such.

            If you like Asian Noodle soups, go to First Chinese BBQ and/or King Noodle.

            1. re: Epicurious Esquire

              Also Vietnamese - also categorically reject the pho at Pho Que Huong. We always go to Pho Bac in Richardson, partly out of inertia because that's where we've always gone, that's where my parents and relatives go, and it's always been excellent so we've never had reason to change.

            2. re: blakepilot

              I'll agree the Que Huong is terrible (murky, muddled broth, over salted) but Bistro B is equally just as bad for the opposite reason (bland, bland, bland, and unequal noodle - meat ratio).

            3. re: Kirk

              I am vietnamese, and what Pho Que Huong is passing as "vietnamese pho" is puzzling. I too reject what they call "pho" at this franchise. Pho should have a piping hot, clear, fresh scented broth, infused with fragrant herbs and spices. Instead, the pho is murky, smells overly pungent and meaty, too salty, and the noodles overcooked. The best thing that you can to real Pho in the Dallas metroplex is either Pho Pasteur off of Beltline and Josey in Carrollton, or Pho 95 in Richardson. You should try the Hu Tieu at these locations. Its a seafood noodle dish with egg noodles. They add deep fried shallots to the noodle dishes -Very tasty !

              1. re: tcobb

                I'm only in town for the night & my pregnancy hormones have me craving Vietnamese like nothing else. I'm staying over by Quorum & Belt Line. The only place I've seen nearby is the Que Huong on Belt Line. I'm bummed it's gotten such poor reviews. Is there somewhere else that's close to that area I could try?

                1. re: sunnygordy

                  Drive west and go down to Belt Line and Josey. Look for Pho Pasteur or Pho 2006.

                  1. re: sunnygordy

                    I would recommend Pho 2006 over Pho Pastuer....also the bun cha ha noi is good at Pho 2006

              2. re: JT

                I looked for Pho 95 on Google but it looks like that is now Pho Huy. Can somone validate?

            4. s

              While I haven't had time to check them out, there are a number of pho restaurants located at Greenville and Beltline. I think you might have some good luck over there.

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              1. re: simply_victoria

                One of them, in the same lot as Maxim's (north of Beltline), is a Pho Que Huong. I'll admit that I have never gotten past Maxim's when I have been in the parking lot, but I imagine it is good.

              2. If you head west on Walnut (from 75), you'll pass many Vietnamese places (pho shops, bakeries, tofu makers, etc.) in the stretch from Audelia (where Hong Kong Market Place is located) to Jupiter (with Hiep Thai Market). I haven't been to everything along that stretch and am not especially knowledgeable about Vietnamese cuisine. But I've enjoyed most of what I've eaten along there.

                For starters, try Pho Duy Tan, adjacent to the Hiep Thai Market. It was recommended to me by several people here and elsewhere. Most of what I've had there (and especially the bun bo hue, pictured below) has been quite good.

                Please share the results of your explorations with us. I'd love to hear about anything you find that's delicious, unique, or (ideally) both.



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                1. re: Scott

                  Right on about Duy Tan. Also, closer to downtown, try Viet Nam on Bryan St. Neither of these places have just pho but both are superb.

                  1. re: Scott

                    Duy Tan closed a couple of months ago. It has been replaced by An Giang, which is not as good. Duy Tan's owners opened a new place, PaLa Cafe, on Buckingham, in the same strip center as the Saigon market. PaLa has a number of American dishes on it menu that seem totally out of place, but the pho is still good.

                    1. re: Dallas Alice

                      However, don't write off An Giang completely. They're good for vermicelli bowls and bun rieu.

                  2. I think the best pho is Pho Pasteur in east Richardson on the corner of Plano Rd and Beltline. It is a sibling of the Pho Pasteur II in Carrollton that you mentioned. It is really clean and the people running it are very friendly.

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                    1. re: Mr. Bean

                      Pho Que Huong is a chain. It was one of the first Pho houses around. The one in Plano is pretty good, but the one on Preston near Frankford is awful.
                      I like Pho Nu Bay on Preston it is very clean and new. The Dallas Observer slammed it pretty hard but the guy who reviewed it was cluless and just bitched about the menu, he never mentioned the Pho in the review.
                      The best Pho's Ive eaten in Garland and Richardson come from places that only specilize in Pho.

                    2. I would say Pho Bac on Beltline and Plano Rd. in E. Richardson. My partner and most of my employees are Vietnamese and that's their take.