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Any suggestions of where I should go for cassoulet in Paris?

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I will be in Paris in January.

Hoping to find some nice country french cafes. Love to eat cassoulet.

Any suggestions for other nice eating experiences? - not the touristy over-prices places.

Also current favorite french bakeries?

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  1. I did search the discussion list for cassoulet and many of the disscussions were not within the last year. I was hoping for a more recent discussion or suggestions for the cassoulet.

    1. For cassoulet off the tourist trail:

      Auberge Pyrénées-Cévennes on the rue Folie-Méricourt @ rue Faubourg du Temple in the 11th... closed Sun... cassoulet for under 25 €, full meal 40 to 50 €... clientèle is mostly 55+ but neighbourhood is the domain of the under 35s.

      Le Gastroquet on rue Desnouettes @ rue Vaugirard... closed Sat + Sun... an old-fashioned bistro du quartier deep in the bowels of the 15th/ not very exciting residential neighbourhood... but great cassoulet for about 30 €.

      BTW, cassoulet is not very popular in Paris but does remain a standard in some restaurants that specialize in south-western regional cuisine.

      Bakeries/ boulangeries/ pâtisseries a favorite topic on this board. Lots of suggestions if you do a search..

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        Agree happily with Auberge P-C. Great food, huge portions, and lovely owners/staff.

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          This sounds like a great spot! Do you know which version of cassoulet they prepare - Toulousain? Can you recommend other dishes you have eaten here, maybe confit de canard?

      2. L'Assiette, rue du Château.
        Le Languedoc, boulevard de Port-Royal.

        Cassoulet is not a dish that just appears on a menu. If it's there, it's been there for a long time and will stay. So discussions from last year should be still valid.

        1. Benoit, has cassoulet at 26 euros if I remember correctly, and full lunch menu at 38 euros.

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            Yes, it is the same cassoulet as the one served at L'Assiette (only not made by the master), since David Rathgeber, chef-owner of L'Assiette, used to be the chef of Benoît.