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Nov 15, 2013 06:08 PM

Celebratory Lunch near Faneuil Hall

I recently learned that I passed the Massachusetts bar exam and am being sworn in at Faneuil Hall the week after next. The swearing-in ends just before lunchtime. Since several family members will have just endured hours of boring speeches--and since I myself would like something of a sense of occasion--I'd like to go out to a nice lunch thereafter. We can't go far because some of us will be going on to a meeting near the Aquarium. I assume hundreds of other new lawyers are going out to lunch with their families, too, so I'd prefer to go somewhere that accepts reservations.

All thoughts appreciated.

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  1. Daily Catch near the Courthouse might do - or Sam's. I believe both take reservations.

    1. North 26 is quite good. They're open for lunch and take reservations.

      1. City Landing is close and very good, In the old Sel de la Terre space.

        1. Congrats!

          City Landing puts you right next to the Aquarium, so that works well. Toward downtown you have No. 9 Park or Marliave, which have the right ambiance.

          The North End is close; you can check OpenTable for reservations and search the board for recs there.

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            No. 9 Park is not open at lunch except between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If the ceremony falls into the time frame.....

            Ruth's Chris Steak House in Old City Hall might work. The food is decent, not great, but the setting says celebration writ large.

          2. Petit Robert Central! I think that would be perfect.

            Also, I think Hillstones would be a great option.