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Nov 15, 2013 06:00 PM

Staying at DoubleTree @ Magnificent Mile 12/30-1/2 looking for places to eat

We are visiting Chicago for NYE and we are looking for places to eat while in town. We are from the west coast and would like to enjoy some local specialties. We enjoy mom and pop places and will eat just about anything. Not looking for extra expensive places but wouldn't mind a nice mid rage place or two.

We are looking for suggestions on a place near The Chicago Theater for NYE AFTER the performance where we could get a drink and a bite while we wait for the crowd to thin out... taxis and such on NYE.

All suggestions are welcome and thank you in advance :)

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  1. For NYE spots walkable from where you are staying, you might want to check reservations available through Open Table,

    It really is not a night to just drop in and grab a bite.