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Nov 15, 2013 05:00 PM

Arkansas Black apples….anyone???

Has anyone seen these at local farm markets? I didn't see any last fall, but the previous fall they were plentiful through Thanksgiving.

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  1. I bought some excellent ones at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market two weeks ago. The stand is on the left when entering the market from Venice.

    1. Haven't seen them at the Venice farmers' market yet - I looked for them this morning, as a matter of fact. but the Venice Whole Foods has them. I don't recall where they're from.

      1. last fall, i believe they were stocked at Whole Foods (or maybe it was Gelsons?)

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        1. re: westsidegal

          WF for sure. Didn't make it to Gelson's last fall so I can't comment.

        2. You might like reading well known NY blogger newly located in Atwater Village. He talks about finding Arkansas Black Apples in Atwater Village and turning them into cobbler.

          The Atwater Farmers Market is on Sunday in the wells Fargo Bank parking lot:

          1. I've been seeing them at the Pasadena (Saturday) farmers' market, where they were also in supply last year, too.