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Arkansas Black apples….anyone???

Has anyone seen these at local farm markets? I didn't see any last fall, but the previous fall they were plentiful through Thanksgiving.

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  1. I bought some excellent ones at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market two weeks ago. The stand is on the left when entering the market from Venice.

    1. Haven't seen them at the Venice farmers' market yet - I looked for them this morning, as a matter of fact. but the Venice Whole Foods has them. I don't recall where they're from.

      1. last fall, i believe they were stocked at Whole Foods (or maybe it was Gelsons?)

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          WF for sure. Didn't make it to Gelson's last fall so I can't comment.

        2. You might like reading well known NY blogger newly located in Atwater Village. He talks about finding Arkansas Black Apples in Atwater Village and turning them into cobbler.

          The Atwater Farmers Market is on Sunday in the wells Fargo Bank parking lot:


          1. I've been seeing them at the Pasadena (Saturday) farmers' market, where they were also in supply last year, too.

            1. Whole Foods on Montana had a nice bunch last week. I'll be at the market tomorrow in SM and check - report back, ck

              1. We just had some ridiculously delicious preserved slices, but that was in Nashville last week. I never knew they were available outside of the central US; if they're in LA County I want to know, and I want it bad!

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                  Ha's apple farm and at least one other vendor (Cuyama Orchards, perhaps?) have them at the Pasadena FM. As I said, at least two vendors that I noticed last week had them. Could have been Yingst instead of Cuyama. But someone in that front row for sure.

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                    Ha's had them week before last at the Calabasas farmers' market, but not this past week. Calabasas market is on Saturday mornings, in Old Town Calabasas -- on Calabasas Rd., across the street from the Sagebrush Cantina. Street parking is not easy, and the sheriff's dept. tickets every so often along Calabasas Rd., but you can park for $2 in the Sagebrush parking lot or a little farther away in the Reyes Adobe lot.

                2. Bristol Farms usually carries Arkansas Black apples when in season.

                  1. I saw them on Wednesday morning at the SM farmer's market.

                    1. Thanks for the tips, everyone. FYI, there was no sign of them at the Hollywood FM this morning.

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                        Hard to believe when there were plenty at the Pasadena market on Saturday, including Ha's Apple Farm which is also at the Hollywood market.

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                          Ha's had them, they were tucked up in a corner behind the rest. they told me last week on saturday that would be the last day. try again if you go to hollywood today!

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                            I bought a whole bunch of them from Cuyama Orchards yesterday at the Pasadena market. Huge specimens, about the size of a softball.

                      2. Whole Food Market. $2.99/lb. Organic. They gots a ton of 'em.

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                          Yes, I believe they come from Cuyama Orchards just north of Santa Barbara. They grow the best apples!

                        2. just bought some organic ones at bristol farms 10 minutes ago.

                          1. just finished some of the organic ones sold at whole foods.
                            the ones i had last week from bristol farms were better

                            1. I bought a couple (from Washington) at the Santa Monica co-op at 1525 Broadway

                              They were quite firm and crisp, but still managed to have a mild, underlying mealiness which I didn't find appealing.

                              Mr Taster

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                                Too bad! I ended up getting mine at Whole Foods, and the resultant pie was very good.