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Nov 15, 2013 04:20 PM

Maine Shrimp 2013 / 2014

Hi All - Following a not so great year Maine Shrimp wise last season, does anyone know where things stand for the upcoming season?

The State of Maine seems to have a pretty good handle on the well being of the fishery from what we can see.

Found this:

Not very promising, apparently.

Wondering if there's much of a chance to enjoy somewhat local shrimp this winter?

Heard anything?



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  1. Don't know if you want eat out or make yourself, but I know that Lobster Claw in N Reading always seems to have Maine Shrimp and Gulf Shrimp on their menu, all fried. The Maine ones are smallish and tender but don't know how they compare to what you are looking for...

    1. your title got me all excited but that link is dreadful news.

      i got a few pounds last year at courthouse and they were just amazing. much sadz if there is no season.

      found this:

      "November 13, 2013: ASMFC Northern Shrimp Meetings December 3, at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland. The Industry Advisors Panel will meet at 9am and the Section will meet at 1pm. This is the annual season-setting meeting. For more information, contact Marin Hawk, ASMFC, at 703-842-0740."

      season supposed to start in january, but we'll know soon, i guess. chompie, not sure what you're seeing at lobster claw? has to be frozen.