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Nov 15, 2013 02:17 PM

Finex cast iron pan

Anyone else order one? Seemed like a good design so I went for it. Could this be better than finding a nice old Griswold? You have 52 hours to get in on the early bird pricing ($125 vs $200) and we won't get ours until Feb. No affiliation, just hoping it lives up to the hype.

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  1. It looks interesting. My only question is about the handle. I was wondering about ease of cleaning cooked on food gunk that might get between the coils of the spring. I like the shape, and the pourability from so many different angles.

    I just wish I had $125. sitting around at this time of year, what with the holidays and all those extra expenses I'm pretty much tapped out (or the money's already spoken for). Dang! I look forward to hearing your opinion once you've had a chance to try it out!

    1. Hi, Alpncook:

      Wow, thanks for the link. This looks like a very promising product.

      STOPsign shaped Dutch Babies... Gotta like that...


      1. That is very interesting, but it does seem incredibly expensive for a cast iron skillet.

        What are the advantages over a 3mm carbon steel skillet of the same size which will cost half the price or less?

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        1. re: Sirrith

          That's what I was left wondering. Nitpickers might say we need to move up to a 14" CS pan to get the same cooking surface. It will still weigh no more and cost less than half the price.

          1. re: Sirrith

            Hi, Sirrith:

            Reasons I think it's "expensive":

            This is obviously a start-up company.
            Everything's American-made.
            They pay a living wage, trying to do things right.
            The design is innovative.
            The costs of machining the interior are high.
            The fabrication is many more steps than a CS takes.

            I wish them well.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              Hi Kaleo,
              I can see the reasons behind the price, yes, you've listed everything I can think of. But I don't understand how this pan would be an advantage over something much cheaper with essentially the same (or similar) properties, and why they are complicating something so simple by adding so many unnecessary steps (why not just make the traditional shape, make the handle a bit chunkier, then machine it? That would save the need to have to manufacture several different parts, and would avoid a potential weak point in the product whilst keeping the cost down). IF you've gotta have American-made, and new, and a smooth interior, then ok, you don't have much choice. But personally I'd be much more interested in French CS than American CI if the American CI was double the price.

              But yes, I'm all for more choice in the market and the best of luck to them. If they manage to bring their prices down to something more reasonable in the future, I may even add a piece to my collection.

          2. Doesn't interest me, as I have my eye on an old Griswold in my mother's kitchen, and have another unbranded iron pan. This seems much too expensive. I don't like the spring handle, either, having used such things. Haven't they heard of potholders?

            On top of that, their website crashes my browser. No way to make an impression.

            1. I bit. After reading about the features and considering my Lodge CI, it addressed the deficiencies I learned to live with. Personally, the wire spring handle is a biggy to me and the hexagon shape to help with pours/drips are welcomed as well. Better grain structure and a smoother surface are welcomed features.

              It's a little hard to get my head around paying more for a cast iron skillet than a comparable De Buyer Mineral pan of similar size. I guess nostalgia had a minor win here ....

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              1. re: Sid Post

                Anybody else looking forward to "Stop sign" shaped corn bread later this year?