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Nov 15, 2013 02:11 PM

Farmhouse Tavern

Going soon and very excited. Has anyone had their Big Bird or Cote de Boeuf dinners? More interested in the beef actually - my question is was it very fatty or a good combination of lean and fatty. Need a ratio if possible:) !!


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  1. I didn't try it, but the table next to mine ordered the Cote de Boeuf, and it looked great. Didn't look too fatty. Both the Cote de Boeuf and Big Bird (2 duck breasts, 2 duck confit legs, foie and some other stuff) sold out by 7:45 pm tonight.

    The Ploughman's platter, which I tried, also includes one duck confit leg, which I thought was quite good, at least as good as the last duck confit I ordered at Le Select.

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      FYI I never reported back. We had good service and I loved the casual atmosphere but the Cote de Boeuf was a huge fatty mess. The beef-ier portions were perfectly cooked but a 1:4.5 beef to fat ratio. Yuck. We were hungry afterwards:(

    2. Was at Farmhouse on the weekend. SO loved the Kale Eggs Benny (what isn't Kale these days?). Farmhouse burger was good, found lack of description and menu a bit annoying (Menu is on a chalkboard) - as a result, was surprised to find goat cheese on my burger, which I would have declined. Very good anyway, though.

      Service was pretty abysmal, had to flag down my server after 10-15 minutes of waiting, ask about mysterious menu items with no intelligible description (ie, Mother & Daughter reunion - $15?). When asking about the menu, as was necessary, the server shouted at us from over top of another table (unbelievably) while walking away, while still shouting. They were as stunned as us.

      FTR, it was the worst service I've had for as long as I can remember - and was the type of service I'd expect at Kelsey's or some other mediocre chain. Not only was it nonchalant (as with some places), but it was rude.

      Towards the end of the meal, our initial server disappeared from the restaurant completely, and we were served by another server who was very nice and very charming.

      I'll give it another try - but if it weren't for the other server I would not return.

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      1. re: justxpete

        "found lack of description and menu a bit annoying" BIG TIME! Why do they want diners to have to ask about everything? Gets me off to a bad start while I do love their pancakes.

        Servers are now probably just as annoyed as the diners, resulting in some backlash. As well, one could possibly guess that the silly names are so ego driven that the "disregard for reality" trickles down to the staff in other ways as well. Keep in mind that everyone has had to endure this since they opened!! How does this not change?

        Who wants to have to deal with their silly made-up names that offer no description?

        1. re: justsayn

          Yeah, I could see if that's as per usual (this was my first visit) that would get pretty damn annoying for them. Good point, JS.

      2. I absolutely adore the new sister restaurant Farmer's Daughter nearby. Helmed by a very talented female chef Lee, they specialize in fish and seafood, at rock bottom prices (everything we ate was $20 or under). Lee is not afraid of salt, and the wine and cocktails are just okay (that Niagara red has to go!), but otherwise this is going to be our go-to place for west end fish and seafood. The chef's rail has two comfortable bar seats, so book those for a great conversation with the chef. The actual bar stools are weirdly uncomfortable.

        1. 4 of us had Saturday brunch at Farmer's Daughter. They take reservations by twitter. It was a great day to be outside on the picnic tables but we opted for indoor comfy table seating beside the open side door.

          Brunch is near perfect. Amazing fried frog legs and waffle with flavoured butter. Lightest eggs benny on the planet, made with duck egg on brioche with plenty of green spring veg. Terrific burger topped with deep fried haddock. Least favourite dish may have been the croque madame with home fries. Decent brunch cocktail (Tavern Caesar with tequila) and beer on tap.

          Go before the lineups begin!