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Nov 15, 2013 02:10 PM

Boutique hotel/restaurant, Aude or western Herault

I'm looking for a boutique hotel/restaurant or upscale chambre d'hote with table d'hote in the western Languedoc for a three night stand in April. I'd like it to be within an hour of several interesting destinations for our second and third days.

So far, I am flirting with L'Ortensia in St. Gervais sur Mare. And Domaine de St George in Limoux (sans restaurant but close to Tartine et Tonton). And Maison Laurent outside of Limoux.

I'm not getting any clear "ME, ME, ME" calls from any of these although they each look quite decent. What other hosts should we consider?

Hmmm Just added Clos de Venes, a vigneron independent in Saint-Couat d’Aude

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  1. This ferme-auberge that serves very good food - - le Clos de Paulilles - is in Paulilles, the unspoiled beautiful secret beach of the locals of Collioure. It rents a very nice adjacent apartment.

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      Thanks, Parigi. This is a definite save! Unfortunately, the "restaurant" is open from May through October. Visiting the country in early spring severely limits your choice since many good addresses close from November through March or April.

    2. We couldn't go in the end as our travel arrangements changed, but I had recently picked out this place for a night on the way from Carcassonne to Montpellier.

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        Thanks for this, Brian. Another great looking host. Important to note that they are open year round with the exception of a short winter break.

        This looks to become a very valuable thread.

      2. I've been to L'Ortensia three times now, and it has been perfect each time. I don't know any of the other places though. When you say "within an hour of several interesting destinations", do you mean places to explore, or do you mean other places to eat?

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          Hi, Theresa. I have been dogging your past posts which is where I picked up on L'Ortensia.

          I am looking for daytime drives to occupy DH who gets a severe case of AADD after one day in an area. We usually eat lightly at noon and would be returning for dinner at our lodging, providing the first night was stellar.

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            St Gervais is a very small village in the mountains, but it's quite easy to get to lots of interesting places, and the immediate surroundings are stunning.

            If you like walking, there are loads of walks from the doorstep - from short strolls through to serious mountain walks. There are also lots of very beautiful drives over the mountains of the Espinouse, along the Orb valley going west and south and north east towards Lodeve and the Grands Causses behind. Some of the small roads above the Orb are really high (one even goes pretty much to the top of the Espinouse), so you get great views without having to exert yourself too much!

            Interesting places within about an hour include Beziers, Pezenas, Lodeve and Lake Salagou, Roquebrun, and Narbonne. Lodeve and Pezenas both have good markets on Saturdays.

            Places a bit further away (between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 hours) are St Guillem le Desert (and you could do a lovely circular drive to get there), Roquefort (for the cheese caves ...), Castre, Montpellier, Sete and villages on the lagoon.

            We've just come back from there - but, after writing this, I'm already wanting to be back ...

            1. re: Theresa

              Thanks for this, Theresa. Your passion is as convincing as the details.

              1. re: mangeur

                I have to say I am a bit biased :o) - I do love the area, and we're really pleased to have that restaurant literally three doors up from our house which is in the old part of the village.

                If you decide on St Gervais, let us know where you might go when you are out and about, and I might be able to help you with light lunch recs or with other places where you could eat if you want a change one evening.

                1. re: Theresa

                  At this point, I am leaning toward squeezing a night from Uzes and spending two nights at Clos de Venes and two nights at l'Ortensia. Thanks for the nudge.

        2. I was reviewing an old but trusted "Etoile" magazine which had in the past pointed us to a handful of extraordinarily good country hotel/restaurants, or restaurants with rooms.

          Aux Berges de Cerou popped out as a location that fit my search...until I read that it was recommended on the basis of its cuisine by Patrice Gelbart. Well, we all know that's no longer true.

          Does anyone have any experience with ABdC since Gelbart departed? Does it even still exist?

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            Still on, run by a young couple, but obviously not the same thing anymore. It seems to have been converted into a local live music club.