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Nov 15, 2013 12:48 PM

Freeport For Lunch Dec. 24

We are taking a five-day Carnival cruise over the Christmas holiday. I know where we are having lunch in Nassau, but any ideas for Freeport within walking distance of where the ship docks? We are going for laid-back on this trip--no tours, no schedule. The previous posts on Freeport are pretty old. We like local food and the place doesn't have to be fancy. We are in Freeport on Dec. 24 so everything may be closed, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Directly across from the cruise pier is a group of small lolos that all serve fresh seafood in local flavors. Similar to Potters Cay or AraWak City in Nassau. Probably the better of these is Robinson's, a bluish plank biulding.

    In the Port Lucaya market place there are some similar shacks, of which we've found Big Daddy's and Da Conch Man to be excellent in the freshness of their fish and conch both prepared very well.

    Try a Sands beer versus Kalik. Skip the "LIght" brews.

    While Christmas Day might find places closed. Christmas Eve, especially with a ship in port should find these places open. CE is not a holiday in Bahamas.

    If you're looking for more of a restaurant sit down waiter type place, Try the Flying Fish at the Pelican Bay Hotel or grab a cab and head to Coral Reef Beach Bar at the end of Coral Road.

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      Great information. Thank you. I was afraid we were condemned to lunch aboard the ship as we had just planned to hang around the cruise pier in Freeport. I was disappointed that we didn't get to stop at AraWak in Nassau (we were on a tour bus that breezed right past it) so I am looking forward to some local seafood in Freeport. Husband will appreciate the information on the beer. Chowhounds is so useful. Thanks again.

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        I just thought of another question. What should we order? We had a Creole Conch in St Martin that was pretty dismal. Other than that experience, we pretty much like everything. Do they have conch chowder or conch fritters? One meal; so little time. Could you steer us in the right direction?

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          Order their fritters or the conch salad. Or ask what's fresh off the boat. I've found that these places usually serve generous portions and if really hungry their prices aren't exhorbitant so you can order double. Don't feel rushed to make a decision at the first place you stop. Look around and decide what's most interesting to you. And most of all, relax and enjoy your cruise. Not a time for being frantic.

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            Thanks. After having four grand kids under six years of age in our small townhouse for Thanksgiving week I am looking forward to some major down time (and some warm weather).

      2. You said that you knew where you are having lunch in Nassau - where have you decided? Perhaps I can offer other suggestions.

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          Apparently a lot of places are closed so close to Christmas. We wanted to do the Tru Bahamian Food Tour but since that won't be operating, they recommended Bahamian Cookin' as a good place to get local cuisine and it will be open when we are in port.