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Nov 15, 2013 12:12 PM

Wilson Farms' Cheese English Muffins

I'm always reluctant to rave about these here because I'm worried there will be a run on them, but since I just stocked up, this is as good a time as any...

I adore these! Sort of crumpety in texture, lightly cheesy. They're in the refrigerator case to the right of the pastry area, 4 to a pack for $4.59 or $4.99. A bit pricey for an English muffin but one half, toasted and topped with a perfectly fried egg has become a favorite breakfast around here. Also lovely just toasted with butter.

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  1. I love those as well.

    I remember a Mrs Kavanaghs English Muffin cheese version from childhood that we would use to make toaster oven pizzas. I have to admit I have made a very upscale version of that old time favorite out of Wilson's muffins.

    I've also enjoyed them with a modified Irish breakfast.


    1. they are also great toasted and then with some Huntsman cheese melted on top, I just happen to know...

      1. Or lightly buttered, with melted Cabot Extra Sharp sliced cheddar on one half, and crisp smoky bacon and an over easy egg on the other. A fabulous breakfast sandwich.

        1. I have to stock up whenever my nephew is coming to town (in fact, there are some in my freezer for Thanksgiving). He considers two to be the very minimum serving.

          1. They sound wonderful. Wish I lived closer to Wilson Farms.

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              whats the texture? Are they chewy, fluffy, etc?

              1. re: chompie

                The OP's description of crumpety in texture is a good one. They are not as crisp as traditional English muffins.