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Nov 15, 2013 11:45 AM

Monterey Bay Dungeness Crab 2013 Season Opener - Where to find live crabs today!

Dungeness crab season opened today. But due to rough seas to the north, crabs won't be available widely in most markets in San Francisco. However, Monterey Bay has calmer weather and the boats are working the waters right now. I've called around and here's where you can find crab today and over the weekend.

FV "Gardenia" Monterey Bay Live Crab, 831-970-1515
7881 Sandholdt Road, Dock A, Moss Landing
Live crabs available after 3pm today.

The Wharf Marketplace, 831-649-1116
290 Figueroa St, Monterey
Still touch and go, but trying to have live and cooked crab by 4pm today. Call first.

Stagnaro Brothers outdoor fish market, 831-824-6851
59 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz
Not certain, but a strong possibility as their boats are on the water and working. Advised to check back after 3pm today.

Frank's Fish Market, 831-422-0879
16 Station Pl, Salinas, CA 93901
Live crab will be available tomorrow (Saturday).

Sea Harvest Restaurant & Fish Market, 831-633-8300
2420 Highway 1, Moss Landing
The man on the phone said, "Ma'am, this is fishing. Nothing is certain. If the boats catch any and bring it in, we'll have crab today."

Cooking directions for how to steam Dungeness crab

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  1. The Oakland Tribune had an article today regarding the opening day high seas which prevented the smaller boats from going out. The also mentioned a new App called "Fishline" which is a guide to Bay area seafood resources. It includes locations, whats available even phone #'s for the boats. Check it out.

      1. Just picked up some live crab at the Santa Cruz harbor. $ 6.00 a pound.

        1. Got our first crabs today...$4.99/lb at Richmond Ranch 99.

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            Richmond is covered on the San Francisco Bay Area board. Here's the Dungeness crab price watch thread there,

          2. Both Gardenia ($6.75/lb) and Clipper II ($6.00/lb) had crab in Moss Landing Harbor today.