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Nov 15, 2013 11:34 AM

Kosher local candies, chocolates, baked goods?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to bring a NYC friend some kosher treats (candy, chocolate, baked sweets) next time I fly out. I did a cursory search on this board, but only found Draegers down in South Bay.

Do you know of any local made kosher treats that are sold in SF? Ideally I wouldn't be going further south than Daly City or further east than Berkeley (specifically Berkeley Bowl West haha). Going north could be ok if it's on the Sonoma and not Napa side.

Thank you!

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  1. Beware that there is "Kosher" and "kosher style". If your friend is truly kosher, then I sincerely doubt that Draeger's will pass muster.

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      That's good to know! Another kosher friend sent me a list of the symbols to look out for.

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        Oh I thought you meant something made at Draeger's. But you mean packaged foods.

        Depending on your friend's needs, usually the one symbol that passes muster is the circle with a U in the middle. The letter K is meaningless to a religious person.

        Here's 1 good suggestion:
        They have the "U" in a circle. It's really tasty. They are based in Sausalito, and are sold in many stores, including Peets.

    2. Mollie Stone's is known for carrying a good selection of kosher foods, but don't know about the dessert department.


        Saw these candies at ABC Bakery in Napa but there website lists many outlets in the Bay Area. Orthodox Chews - nice packaging.

        1. I was just at Oakland Kosher Foods this afternoon and the only local products I noticed were baked goods and wine. You might call them and ask what else they have.