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Nov 15, 2013 10:32 AM

Sunday brunch/football Kip's Bay

Any suggestions for Sunday brunch at the bar? Would like to watch the games, not crazy loud and not a 20-something crowd. Just moved into the area.

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  1. Tonic offers a decent weekend brunch and is a great place to watch a game.
    I don't think it's too loud or too young at least not for me as I am an old guy.

    1. Unfortunately that neighborhood is the epicenter of hell when it comes to loud annoying football fans.

      1. Waterfront ale house opens at noon, lunch not brunch, but fewer frat boys and better than average bar food, big beer selection

        1. Molly's....foods pretty good. Not all the seating faces the TV's.

          Waterfront Ale House (though I can't remember TV's there for some reason)...

          Old Own Bar, Pete's Tavern and I think Maxie's Grill have tv's.

          Taproom 307 and Barking Dog are options.

          Watering Hole has a reputation for better than expected food amongst those in the know, but it's also the type of place where you might not want to walk in the door if it's crowded, or they're having Karaoke night.

          The Mad Hatter, recently remodeled and I think revamped the kitchen along with a British Pub, dare I say "gastropub" theme. I think this may be a sleeper choice.

          Hillstone...and similarly,Ainsworth Park, which I think it's an upscale sports bar/lounge, but I don't entirely understand the place.

          Wildwood BBQ, not far from Kips.

          Little Town, also actually in Union Square, and the bar next door is a hellhole for games, so I'm not sure how much spills over, but I'd bet some.

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            Sarabeths and Blue Smoke both have TV's playing sports in the front bar areas.