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Nov 15, 2013 10:23 AM

Suggestions for walk-n solo dining Sunday night please

Heading there tomorrow morning, wife bailed on me at the last minute, so scrambling for dining options.
Bailed on my Brigsten's, Cochon and August ressies.
Group dinner tomorrow night at Stella!, Pelican Club with some colleagues Monday night, but no plans yet for Sunday. Fall back is to go solo, probably around 9. Will be staying at Hotel Monteleone, would prefer walking distance.
Looking for good Creole cooking, but open to other suggestions. Would prefer to sit at a bar, budget not an issue.


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  1. You're walking/staggering distance from lots of places but you're quoting a late posting time. Nine o'clock is going to run you up against kitchen closure and staff wanting to beat feet. Eating at the bar? About the only higher-end place I do that is Clancy's, Uptown. Arnaud's might work well if you want that style.

    1. There are a few choices. There have been postings here about singles at the bar at Mr. B's being happy. The bar at SoBou will have small plates and will run late. Down the street is the food bar by the wood oven in NOLA.

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        Ok, sounds like I should go a little earlier, I'm flexible.
        Mr B's would certainly be a good choice.

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          I don't think nine should be a problem anywhere really. 3:30 Saints home game should keep folks out pretty late this Sunday. Sylvain is always open late, that would be a nice option.

      2. The bar area at Mr. B's is nice and when we were there in August there were quite a few people dining there.

        1. It would require a short cab ride to the Warehouse District, but the bar looking into the kitchen at Emeril's is a fine spot for solo dining.

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            Yea, I've done the food bar at Emeril's on a previous trip (not by myself though). Had a great time doing the whole tasting menu with wine pairings thing. I'll keep that in mind, I don't mind a long walk after dinner either.

          2. I've enjoyed dining solo a couple of times at the bar at Domenica.

            The food is great and both bartenders were very helpful and friendly.