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Nov 15, 2013 09:42 AM

Wegman’s Coming to Delaware?

Very preliminary and unverified but I heard today through some Delaware grocery pros that Wegman’s may be bringing a store to the part of the Cavaliers Country Club near Christiana Mall that is being developed.

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  1. OMG you made my weekend, I sure hope it's true. I like Wegmans even more than Whole Foods who I know have no plans to come to DE. Thanks for that info and I'll await any update you may have.

    1. If it does happen it will be years away. Getting rid of "open space", plowing a major road through a neighborhood and the spectre of yet more traffic will make this a very contentious effort. Not to mention competing developers who would likely stop at nothing to try and snag a Wegman's brass ring.

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      1. re: RC51Mike

        Traffic is horrible now. Uggh. I avoid that area like the plague. They ought to be out around Hockessin.

        1. re: RC51Mike

          Considering that the opening date for the planned Concordville Wegman's is still listed on their website as TBD (To Be Determined), it would likely be a ways off.

        2. I don't think Hockessin has the market for the likes of a Wegman's. Weis is interested in locating there, if that tells you anything, not meaning to burst your bubble.

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          1. re: RC51Mike

            What is Wegman's market then? Weis would be a step up from what we have.

            1. re: sal_acid

              I thought that there was some sort of unwritten deed restriction in Hockessin that any grocery store that doesn't have the word "ACME" in it is verboten.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                Ha. Sad but true. Boy do I hate Acme. And I so love Wegmans. I don't know if there is enough population density in Hockessin to support one, but if it were the anchor store of a new shopping center somewhere along 48 between Hockessin and Wilmington, somebody would make a mint.