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Nov 15, 2013 09:37 AM

Good Eats in Auburn - I-290/MA Pike Interchange area?

I'm looking for some good suggestions for breakfast, lunch a/o brunch in the Auburn, MA area. The I-290/MA Pike interchange is a great central location for me to meet friends/family coming up from CT (as I'm coming from Boston). Anywhere in this general area (within 10-15 minutes of the interchange) would be great, thanks in advance!

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  1. If you can go to the I-84/MA Pike interchange instead, BT's Smokehouse is the best BBQ in Massachusetts (possibly in New England), right on Rte 20, about a mile from the interchange

    1. I agree -- everyone you are meeting will thank you for bringing them just a bit out of their way to enjoy BT's.

      1. You should try Uncle Jay's Twisted Fork, less than 10 minutes from downtown Auburn. It's a small little bistro with a crazy chef who makes some killer foods, plus he does his best to buy local whenever possible:‎

        And if you're up for a challenge, there is even a 24-egg omelet with over 2 lbs of meat for $24.95...unless you can finish it in an hour by yourself and then it's free:

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          Of course if you are craving BBQ, then I agree with the others: you gotta try BT's Smokehouse, worth the drive!