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Nov 15, 2013 08:08 AM

Best of the Roy Choi Restaurants?

Hi there, I'm visiting LA soon and wondering which of the Roy Choi restaurants I should hit up (all the menus looks great to me). And also -- are any of them suitable for an early dinner with a well-behaved 5 year old?


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  1. I like A-Frame, especially for the beer can chicken

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    1. re: Ernie

      Do A-Frame early on the patio (they do have heaters) to noisy inside but the food is great,

    2. A-Frame > Chego > Sunny Spot > Kogi

      A-Frame can be LOUD, but early dinner is doable w/ a kid. Chego might be your best option - you're sitting in the courtyard, and there are coin-operated rides (I rode on them).

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          1. re: chrishei

            Thanks. I think I remember that now that you mention it.

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              No need to apologize.

              Just didn't want the OP to go to Chego and forget to bring the lawn chairs.

        1. chego

          what 5 year old kid wouldn't like something called ooey gooey fries.

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          1. re: cdub

            I'm a lot older than five and I LOVE the ooey gooey fries! I'm so mad that they closed the location that was close to my house.

            1. re: aching

              as am i and i love them too. i also love that sourcream hen bowl.

          2. There is a good reason why Roy Choi was a Food and Wine top 10 Chef. He's a culinary genius. Kogi is spectacular, but going to the truck is, for some like myself, a less than enjoyable experience. You can get Kogi (and now they offer two Chego bowls as well) at the Alibi Room which is a bar in Culver City. This means no lunch, no children allowed, and no waitress service. Go at 5:30 when they open and it's easy as pie, even though the place isn't easy to find. It's not a restaurant, eating there is odd but it's more civilized than waiting in line for the truck and eating in your car. A-Frame is also amazing. It is one of my favorite restaurants in LA. The food is flat out revolutionary and it is very reasonably priced. I love the following: Lamb skewers, kitchen fries, popcorn, cornbread, warm chicken sausage cornbread salad, Thai Clam Chowder, the burger and of course the beer can chicken. The only flaw with A-Frame is that they have communal tables.

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            1. A-Frame but they don't take reservations so you may have a wait. (Outstanding CHOW). Personally, I enjoy the communal tables although they're not conducive to intimate conversation. Check out the menu at their website (the building used to be an IHop)