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Best of the Roy Choi Restaurants?

Hi there, I'm visiting LA soon and wondering which of the Roy Choi restaurants I should hit up (all the menus looks great to me). And also -- are any of them suitable for an early dinner with a well-behaved 5 year old?


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  1. I like A-Frame, especially for the beer can chicken

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      Do A-Frame early on the patio (they do have heaters) to noisy inside but the food is great,

    2. A-Frame > Chego > Sunny Spot > Kogi

      A-Frame can be LOUD, but early dinner is doable w/ a kid. Chego might be your best option - you're sitting in the courtyard, and there are coin-operated rides (I rode on them).

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            Thanks. I think I remember that now that you mention it.

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              No need to apologize.

              Just didn't want the OP to go to Chego and forget to bring the lawn chairs.

        1. chego

          what 5 year old kid wouldn't like something called ooey gooey fries.

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            I'm a lot older than five and I LOVE the ooey gooey fries! I'm so mad that they closed the location that was close to my house.

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              as am i and i love them too. i also love that sourcream hen bowl.

          2. There is a good reason why Roy Choi was a Food and Wine top 10 Chef. He's a culinary genius. Kogi is spectacular, but going to the truck is, for some like myself, a less than enjoyable experience. You can get Kogi (and now they offer two Chego bowls as well) at the Alibi Room which is a bar in Culver City. This means no lunch, no children allowed, and no waitress service. Go at 5:30 when they open and it's easy as pie, even though the place isn't easy to find. It's not a restaurant, eating there is odd but it's more civilized than waiting in line for the truck and eating in your car. A-Frame is also amazing. It is one of my favorite restaurants in LA. The food is flat out revolutionary and it is very reasonably priced. I love the following: Lamb skewers, kitchen fries, popcorn, cornbread, warm chicken sausage cornbread salad, Thai Clam Chowder, the burger and of course the beer can chicken. The only flaw with A-Frame is that they have communal tables.

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            1. A-Frame but they don't take reservations so you may have a wait. (Outstanding CHOW). Personally, I enjoy the communal tables although they're not conducive to intimate conversation. Check out the menu at their website (the building used to be an IHop)

              1. A Frame is great! It really gets what Roy is all about... Great music, friendly service, inventive food but not stuffy. My friends with teen boys LOVE to go for their AYCE Fried Chicken on the Weekends.... it's like such a thing for them now....

                I also love Chego, but it's very casual. A 5 year old though might like eating their bowl next to Winnie the Pooh like Roy (Second photo)


                Another Roy Choi place that close to his heart (and mine) is 3 Worlds Cafe. It's not far from the Arts District (Who has great places like Bread Lounge, Handsome Coffee, Urban raddish, etc...) It's in a blossoming neighborhood that was once the heart of L.A.'s Jazz Age. They make the BEST Dole Whip outside of Disneyland. I can't think of a 5 year old that wouldn't love that (maybe even with a bit of Chamoy... ;)