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Affordable dining in the East Village

Going out with another couple in the East Village next Tuesday. Any fun, yet affordable places that are recommended? No preference on food type.

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  1. Zum Schneider is German beer garden that's fun and affordable.


    1. I like flea market bistro across from the Tomkins park.

      1. Can you define affordable? $20pp for food only? $30pp for food?

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          By affordable I mean a main course the is high teens or $20's

          1. Highly recommend Caracas. Every time I bring a friend here they love it.

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              While Caracas is very good - keep in mind that the space is tiny and their 4-tops are quite a squeeze. Perhaps not ideal for a "double date" sort of deal.

            2. Tink's

              Who can say no to duck tater tots? Not this idiot.

              1. In no particular order.

                Malai Marke - Indian

                Hot Kitchen - Sichuan

                Il Posto Accanto - Italian

                Sao Mai - Vietnamese

                Lavagna - Italian

                Guayoyo - Venezuelan

                Redhead - American Southern

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                  Let me add to this list -

                  Empellon Cocina - Mexican (fun and modern, all plates are shareable)

                  Maharlika - Filipino

                  L'Apicio - Italian with a little better ambiance than most places

                  Motorino - Pizza

                  Pata Negra - Spanish/Tapas

                2. Village yokocho- japanese bar food, great to order lots of small plates and share
                  Yakitori taisho- mostly yakitori, also good for sharing