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Excellent Mexican food?

So where can I eat excellent Mexican food? I have only eaten Mexican finger food & my knowledge of the best is lacking.


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  1. Search the board - there are recent threads -
    I like Angela's in East Boston and Tenoch in Medford.

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      "tacos" is a very productive search keyword

    2. Taqueria Jalisco
      291 Bennington St, Boston MA02128(Btwn Bremen & Chelsea St) (617) 567-6367 - Love the birria.

      1. I second the rec for Jalisco in East Boston but depending on where you live you might also consider Tres Amigos on Rte 28 (Main St.) in Stoneham. It's a small place tucked back in a strip mall and family run but I have always found the food to be quite good. I'm a big fan of their Carne Asada tacos and they recently added a grilled pork version that is equally good. They offer all of the most well known Mexican dishes and do them well. The place is BYOB and I don't think there is anything on the menu above $12.00 or so. They also do a very active take out business.

        1. I second Eastie, and Taqueria Amigos over in Waltham.. nothing much to look at, but tasty food.

          But are you looking for some ambiance - you could try Acitron in Arlington Center. Mexican cuisine is pretty diverse.. and then add in Tex-Mex too...

          And finally, does easting this food also mean drinking a margarita?

            1. We are really enjoying El Centro's Brookline Village location

              1. Posada in Arlington Heights is run by a very sweet family, and the food appears to be what Mexican families really eat. It is almost impossible to spend $20 there.

                1. comptonia, excellent Mexican food is not a strength of our beautiful city. It's been complained about for years. And it's kinda funny (NOT) that mexican food spots have increased like rabbits here the last few yrs. You may find some 'very tasty dishes' here or there (for us, it's Fish and Carne Asada Tacos and tortas and refried beans at La Verdad Taqueria) but no place that is consistently excellent imo. So, if you eventually get to travel to cities that do have excellent Mexican food, best to sample it all there and speak from those experiences! In the meantime, CHs will give you good pointers for their fav dishes and places so you can learn more about the cuisine. (But keep in mind that Mexico is a huge country, with many different styles of cuisine.)

                  The one place i would def warn you away from is Acitron in Arlington. Truly dreadful sauces when we tried it. I am amazed they are still in business. Posada was as meh as most of the Boston Mex places. Angela's has some very good dishes, is small and user-friendly for new experiences.

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                    If you are of a mind to, you may want to try Hatian or Trinidadian food. Larger populations of people from the Carribean Islands in the Boston area can yield some interesting food. Hot goat roti and Calalloo for the win.

                  2. Tacqueria El Amigo in Waltham, Dorado in Brookline, Tu y Yo Somerville.

                    1. I find Tu y Yo mediocre El Amigo in Waltham is great for tacos, cafe Angela is great. Antojitos in waltham has great gorditos and Tamales.

                      Posado in Arlington is okay.

                      Jalisco is also respectable.