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Nov 14, 2013 11:39 PM

Do you grocery shop for your week's menu or always have everything on hand & just shop to replace items in your panty, fridge & freezer?

Following my mother's example, I always made out a weekly menu & purchased what was necessary for that week. In my 50's I remarried. New husband insists we have everything under the sun stored in the house. We shop to replace items that are runny low. It's just the 2 of us & I see a problem with his method. I am frequently throwing food away because of the expiration date. We've discussed it, but this is the only way he wants to do it.

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  1. I usually make up my daily meals every day and don't have a menu for a length of time, say, ever week. I will pre plan for special occasions. My kitchens stays stocked with the essentials and are replaced as needed. I stockpile other items as they go on sale and keep two freezers. There is not much I randomly shop for. This works for me and I don't throw away much.

    1. Maybe limit your perishables? If you keep frozen and pantry items in stock maybe he'll be happy :)

      We shop for enough for 2 weeks, but buy produce every week. I just buy the usual stuff and cook whatever I feel that day, sometimes I have a recipe in mind so I'll add those ingredients to the list. Otherwise my shopping list is pretty much the same every time.

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        I don't even know where to start... here's a small example. He wants multiple (5 or 6 of cans each) of every variety & brand of soup. I just had to throw away a bunch of those cans. We rarely eat soup. I guess I am just being curious about how everyone does their food shopping, and not looking for a solution to the grocery store my kitchen has become.

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          Maybe check your pantry every now and then and donate :)

          I've known of a few families that are ready for the apocalypse with all the food they keep. You're not alone

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            I shop almost daily because we rarely eat canned food and we like very fresh produce. We don't meal plan since no kids at home. , we eat what looks good in the market.
            There are certain meat items we keep frozen: whole chickens, some kind of pork.

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              Maybe both of you should check the pantry from time to time? If he sees how much needs to be donated, maybe he will reduce the amount needed to store.

              What might be a good idea to keep in the pantry/freezer where you live? Multiply that by, maybe, 1.5 and see where you are.

        2. As we are only 2 people, I feel your pain! Whenever my mother visits, she fills the fridge with so much stuff and half of it goes to waste...I can't stand it.

          Once a week I buy meats, grains, breads, cheese, condiments, etc from the grocery store...and every few days I pick up produce as needed. I'm lucky because there is a great fruit/veggie store next to my office that makes it easy.

          When we do it this way, it's very rare that food goes to waste.

          1. Which foods are expiring on you? Quite a few items don't need to be tossed because of the expiration date - that's just the sell-by date.
            I keep eggs, buttermilk, yogurt well past their sell-by date. If your milk is expiring too soon, get lactose free milk instead - it has a really long shelf life.

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              the shelf-life on most canned goods is ... like... infinity. you definitely don't need to toss them, but you also cannot donate expired items.

              i keep a certain set of staples, butter, eggs, oil, etc and replace as needed, but those never go bad on me. bacon, organic beef and chicken get bought at costco, portioned out and frozen. i keep a stash of certain kinds of frozen veg.

              i buy fresh produce once or twice a week, if we are having seafood i buy and cook same day.

              i am a very thrifty kitchen manager and have almost no waste.

              it's shocking how much food gets thrown away in the western world.


              1. re: hotoynoodle

                I agree with every single point you made. Especially the expiration date stuff. And, yes, you can't donate expired items. They can't accept them.

                I tend to buy produce for a particular meal and if I have more then I incorporate it into other meals. And I can make an omelette out of almost anything! See attached picture of a "faux-tata" I made from leftover salad :)

                I also throw out very, very little.

                @OP, do you both do the shopping and cooking? If not, then I'd say the cook makes the decisions. Good luck.

            2. For your situation i would first look through what needs to be used first and then make the menu for the week to be sure you are using any fresh food that will soon expire.
              As previously mentioned canned foods are good for almost ever.
              If he feels better and less anxious if there are 20cans of soup instead of 10, then i think you should just pick your battles and let him hoard soup cans.
              There are certain staples that i keep on hand a replenish when low, which are probably different for you but maybe re-evaluate what those/how much you buy if you are not consuming them before they go bad