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Nov 14, 2013 11:21 PM

Mid-afternoon at Park 121 Café•Grill•Market [Cornerstone Gardens, Sonoma]

A meeting ran late till 2:40pm, just about the time my intended lunch targets in the area would be closing their doors. I figured I’d grab a sausage sandwich at Angelo’s ( ) or forego eating. But on Hwy 12 driving back to The City, I remembered that Cornerstone had some eating places so I pulled in.

Park 121 Café-Grill-Market stays open through the day with an antipasti menu of cheeses, salumi and small bites ( ) suited to pairing with a glass of wine on the terrace or to pack for a picnic. I was happy to see vegetable selections I could choose from for a Meatless Monday. I tried the Roasted Beets & Red Onions and Grilled Eggplant Agrodolce, both $5 apiece. Portions were quite generous, more than I could eat even though I was famished. The beets were quite straightforward in a watery vinaigrette. The eggplant turned out to be undercooked and fibrous, but the colorful roasted peppers and sultanas in the blend kept me happy. Nothing earthshattering, this was on the order of take-out from a nice deli in quality and price. Still, the food was more than acceptable, especially with table service and the outdoor setting.

Park 121
23584 Arnold Dr
Sonoma, CA
707 938 8579
Daily 10-5

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