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Nov 14, 2013 10:55 PM

Suggestions for Christmas Day dinner in Sydney

Looking for somewhere open for dinner on Christmas Day.
Lean towards bistro/trattoria/tapas/Goodpizza rather than fine dining.
CBD/North Sydney/Lane Cove.

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  1. It's going to be a lottery. I last ate out on Christmas Day a few years ago, but I think your choice is going to be from a few Asian places that open, fast food chains (and many of them close) or go a bit more upmarket as some of the good restaurants in great locations will be open. Many people head to the beach so beach side places may be open - research a Balmoral Beach some good places at various price points. But I am afraid you may need to call individually.

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    1. re: PhilD

      RSLs will be open :-) And the Panthers...

      OP, assume by dinner you mean evening meal?

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Yes, evening meal.
        Not excited by clubs!

    2. I imagine that Manly would be like Coogee and Bondi in that a lot of places open compared to elsewhere...not sure if that's too far away for you. Plenty of good eat there these days. Hugo's on the Manly wharf is fantastic for pizza and drinks

      1. Looks like we'll be doing Eastbank.
        Haven't eaten there for several years but we used to get decent meals there, and it's a very handy location.

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        1. re: cap

          You must be able to do better, I wouldn't think the CBD is. Great place for Christmas. Is there nothing at the beach...?

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            Just looking for something easy to get to in the (Northern) CBD. This is dinner, night-time, so the beach really doesn't enter into it.
            Very difficult to find anything open and serving a la carte on Christmas Day night. We'll have had a good lunch so won't want a banquet, just a reasonable meal. And we've had decent (not fantastic) food at Eastbank in the past (although the most recent was 2007!). Eastbank also has the advantage of a great location. Would rather do Eastbank than Chinatown for example.
            Other places we plan to hit on our visit are:
            Pizza Mario or Lucio Pizzeria
            Xanthi (I wanted Fix St James but was outvoted)
            Mr Wong maybe (or are the more traditional yum cha joints still a better bet?)
            Pony (or are there better small plate places that will be open for lunch on the 27th?)
            One place that intrigues me is Monopole, have you eaten there?

        2. We'll be arriving in the CBD at around 7pm on Christmas day.

          Not too thrilled about our dining prospects :(


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            Asian. The sichuan and xinjiang restaurants in Chinatown are quite good.