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What are your Fall/Winter comfort foods ?

Any foods that you'd love to savour while vegging on the couch in front of the fireplace (or that fireplace channel) ?

Me (random listing):

- miso soup
- cream of corn soup
- any creamed soup (butternut squash, tomato, asparagus, mushroom, celery)
- French onion soup
- cinnamon & brown sugar oatmeal
- grilled cheese sandwich
- cinnamon bun
- pumpkin pie/apple pie/rhubarb pie
- roasted squash/yam/sweet potato salad
- roasted brussel sprouts with shaved almonds (or pecans)
- boeuf bourguignon (or any old beef stew will do)
- congee
- zongzi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zongzi
- chicken pot pie/beef pie/shepherds pie

'Nuff for now. And you ?

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  1. miso soup as well.
    Wonton soup.
    mashed potatoes/shepards pie/chicken pot pie
    a big bowl of white rice with butter and soy sauce.

    carb heavy...

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    1. re: carlee134

      Butter AND soy sauce on rice .... seems a bit of contradiction ;-)

      Yeah, the winter brings out the cravings for carbs.

    2. Laksa.

      (but not on the couch)

      1. Nice list, LotusR.
        I'll take one of everything you're having and add
        lamb stew
        stuffed peppers
        baked potatoes topped with lamb stew
        egg, peppers and potato parm subs

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          Well I'll "top" your baked potatoes with butter, sour cream & chives; or chili :-)

          Mmm, lamb stew !

          1. May not be a food but hot spiced wine (like glogg) is a must.
            I look for hot brothy meals that are very pungent- sticking my face into a steaming bowl of polenta with wild mushroom ragu to smell it is half of the comfort factor for me.
            Miso soup here too
            Veggie stews with lots of garlic
            Pungent chili with cornbread
            My mom's gingerbread (she bakes it in an 8x8 so its like a cake)

            1. Chicken and Dumplings
              maple roasted brussel sprouts
              turkey chili
              braised Asian short ribs

              1. Braises - osso buco, lamb shanks, short ribs
                Creamy carbs - polenta, risotto
                Winter squash, root vegetables (parsnips, turnips,
                celeriac, etc.) - roasted, pureed, in soups

                1. Butternut squash soup
                  Mushroom anything
                  Soba noodles
                  Pork tenderloin
                  Chicken pot pie
                  Pot stickers, pork, with orange zest
                  Cabbage and egg noodles with Hungarian sausage

                  1. Boeuf Bourguignon and paparadelle Bolognese top my list, always. Others include most roasts, braised short ribs, osso buco, cottage fried potatoes, beef Stroganoff, and, one I associate with my childhood...I remember Mother cooking it on winter nights when Dad was at sea and the snow was deep in NY...a ground sirloin patty on a buttered English muffin, maybe drinking Sherry while it cooks, as she did. (It was 1960. I didn't get the full experience.)

                    1. For me it's definitely a list of English classics:

                      Steak and kidney pudding (untouchably top on my list)
                      Oxtail soup
                      Treacle pudding
                      Steak and kidney pie
                      Jam roly-poly
                      Warm custard (the real stuff, not Bird's)
                      Mushroom barley stew/soup

                      1. Troughs of pho.
                        Like you, LotusRapper, all the cream soups. Wild mushroom and leek is a favorite.
                        Celery root puree.
                        Hot cider with bourbon.
                        Warm chocolate pudding on the stovetop.
                        Baked mac and cheese.
                        Braises of all kinds.
                        Daals of all kinds.

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                        1. re: fracklefoodie

                          I forgot to mention Indian foods. Thx FF. Daals of all kinds are good. Esp. with some fresh-out-of-the-oven naan to mop up the sauces.

                          You're in Seattle eh ? We used to frequent Cedars in U Dist. when our lives revolved around UDub (Go Huskies !). It wasn't life-changing food but quite decent AFAIC. I loved their cozy house-y ambiance and the bottomless chai they offered :-)

                          Is Flowers still on the Ave, still have those scrumptious AYCE for $10 or something ?

                        2. Soup lots of it, including chili
                          Holiday food - mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese, all foods I rarely eat at any other time
                          Chinese food - I get weird cravings for the good ol' Americanized stuff
                          Roast chicken

                          1. Braised short ribs with mashed potatoes
                            Thanksgiving meal
                            Macaroni & cheese
                            Spaghetti & meatballs
                            Lasagne bolognese
                            Au gratin potatoes
                            Pot roast w potatoes, carrots, onions & spaghetti
                            Pork vindaloo with samosas, garlic naan & basmati rice

                            1. Another vote for French Onion Soup.
                              Also, Squash apple Bake
                              various Sweet potato casseroles
                              Mulled spiced apple cider (no alcohol, thanks).
                              "Skater Stew," a soup/ stew recipe we found years ago on a Bean Council (or similar trade promotional org) website. It has various beans, legumes, sliced turkey kielbasa.
                              Cornbread, corn muffins
                              Norwegian Julekake at Christmas
                              Crockpot overnight steel-cut oatmeal
                              Crockpot overnight grits

                              (Mind you, this is Florida- we don't sit around watching the fireplace much. Sometimes a good outdoor bonfire or chiminea, though)

                              1. Interesting - I always associated zongzi with summer. The dragon boat festival is usually about the point when summer is getting stupid hot and staying there, so making them is my un-air conditioned kitchen is a sweaty process.

                                Hot alcohol drinks - mulled wine, milk with brandy or rum and spices, grog - to warm up before bed.

                                When it cools down, I start going more for casseroles, braised dishes, stews, and pureed vegetable soups served hot rather than chilled.

                                Orange salads - the local oranges are hitting the markets now.

                                1. Soups. In the last few weeks I've made butternut squash, pumpkin, french onion.

                                  Stews: So far beef stew and chicken cacciatore. A good chili is on the horizon.

                                  I've been heavily indulging in apple cider lately and baking will ramp up in the next few weeks.

                                  ETA: martinis and tropical drinks have given way to manhattans, scotch and whiskey.

                                  1. Mac & Cheese

                                    Casseroles or pasta dishes with sausage (versus chicken or other "lighter" proteins)

                                    Meatloaf & mashed potatoes

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                                    1. re: juliejulez

                                      Oh yes, gotta include meatloaf on my list too!

                                      1. Chicken Pastry

                                        98% of the people here probably won't even know what that is...

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                                        1. re: JayL

                                          I've heard of it. Southern dish, right ? Like this:


                                          Sure looks like it'd sticks to the ribs and warms yer soul.

                                          1. re: LotusRapper

                                            Yep, that's it. Nothing simpler to make. Pastry and baked sweet potatoes (potatoes served room temp) were staples of my younger years.

                                        2. My new favorite is birria - essentially chile-stewed protein, served on corn tortillas, topped with onions/cilantro/radishes and scented with freshly squeezed lime juice. This taco is then dipped into the strained chile stewing liquid before each bite. This stuff will cure your cold and hangover at the same time.

                                          Solid recipe here (I sub white onion, cilantro and radishes for the pickled onion):

                                          Short ribs are tremendous but you can use pork shoulder, lamb, goat, other cuts of beef etc...

                                          1. Hot Chocolate
                                            Pumpkin Pie
                                            Baskin Robbins Pumpkin Pie ice cream
                                            Soup ~~ French Onion, Split Pea, Black Bean, Tomato
                                            Beef Stew
                                            Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

                                                1. Barbecue...as in whole hog...pig pickin' style...

                                                  1. just made food and wine's roasted sweet potato and wild mushroom "salad" with miso dijon dressing. A huge hit!!!

                                                    1. Chicken pot pie
                                                      Hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy
                                                      Grilled cheese sandwich, old school
                                                      Egg nog
                                                      Thanksgiving dinner and cold turkey sandwiches the next day

                                                      1. Big bowls of anything warm and creamy: especially soups of any kind, but potpie soup is a front-runner. For that matter, chicken potpie itself is always a winner. I also like many Winter root veg., just roasted and glazed, with braised meats accompanied by noodles or potatoes. BUT my favorite Winter dish is my ol' braised (or crockpot) cabbage standby: just throw wedges or shredded green cabbage into your crockpot w/ onions and carrots and let it cook down all the livelong day. At suppertime, make good egg noodles and butter them, and serve the cabbage atop: silky, delicious, meaty-tasting cabbage over nice, soaky noodles, topped with a dab of sour cream. OH yeah.