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Nov 14, 2013 08:12 PM

Cuisinart Combi Oven

Has anyone used the Cuisinart CSO-300 combi oven? Thrilled that there is one at such a cheap price ($300 vs. $5,000) but also suspicious of its effectiveness and limitations due to size.

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  1. Did you read the stellar review in Food and Wine? Because it has me wondering about this appliance as well. I'd love to hear from others.

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    1. re: centralpadiner

      Indeed, that was what sparked my interest. I'm most concerned about the oven's size (which I suppose could be solved by just going out to a store and looking at it) but am also curious about the performance. The Food and Wine guy loved it to paid endorser level. While I realize (hopefully) that no one was paid by Cuisinart to write that article, I'd love to hear someone's real-world experience with it!

      1. re: centralpadiner

        F&W was where I first read about them. I've worked in restaurants for so much of my life that I was familiar with their versatility but they've only been available for thousands of dollars for the home. This little $300 baby is well worth the money! Just make sure you keep the crumb tray clean because the steam will make a mess of the bottom of the oven and the seal on the door.

      2. My Breville Smart Oven is a great choice for me. I can't imagine another it's size or price being better.

        I guess I could always put a small pan of water in for steam .....

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        1. re: Sid Post

          Thanks for the response! For me, it's all about the steaming ability of the Cuisinart oven. Looks like your Breville has a lot of control heat wise, though it's just that elusive continuous blast of steam I'm looking for.

          1. re: htamano

            Yes, it's a world class 'toaster oven'. I use it a lot for pizza's up to 13", muffins and bread, and roasts. I have also used it for steaks while traveling.

          2. re: Sid Post

            I love my BSO. We hardly use the big oven now.

          3. Oh, I wish I hadn't seen this. Now I want one! Here's a fairly detailed review, with lots of photos showing cooking results compared to other toaster ovens:

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              If you do indeed get one, please let us know what you think! Here is the original F&W article that turned me onto the oven:


              The evolution to an effective/affordable steam/combination oven for the home is exciting for me, mainly due to the ability to proof and then bake with steam blasts. The sous-vide replication and speed of steam cooking could be useful as well, though I'm not that interested in those aspects. Mainly, the fact that this is roughly 5-10% the price of a standard combi oven is a thrill! Thanks for the input!

              1. re: htamano

                I got one and I am thrilled with it! see my reply above...

            2. I'm also wondering if anyone has used this combi. I'm very interested in trying steam cooking, but don't want to spend a fortune to test it - this seems like a good alternative. But I'm also wondering if this is just the first to market and if there will be better choices for a "budget" combi in the near future. Thoughts?

              I've seen a couple companies try to throw a microwave into the steam combi mix - there's a discontinued Sharp, and a Viking that looks exactly like the discontinued Sharp. Is wanting a microwave in the same unit asking too much from a reliability standpoint?

              1. I got one for Christmas!!! I haven't taken it out of the box yet, and we are busy the next few days. It's pretty big for a counter top appliance, that will take some getting used to, for sure.

                But, once I get it up and going, I'll go through all the features and keep this thread in mind - updating as I learn how to use different elements and let you all know if I think it is worth the money. Since my in-laws bought it, I can look at that aspect a little more objectively.

                Happy Holidays!

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                1. re: centralpadiner

                  The price looks great, but I wonder if it is too small to be really useful. Could you bake a loaf of bread in it? or a few steaks?
                  Can't wait to hear your report!