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Nov 14, 2013 07:35 PM

Does anyone manage to shop in one supermarket, or do you have to make the rounds to find what you need?

I'm not even referring to stops at farm stands or ethnic/speciality shops...We just find that no one store carries all the items we need. Which is your fave go to supermarket and what are your supplementary ones? Until we found MB, we used to just go to our local Stop&Shop cuz it had most of what we need and was quiet and convenient, but they have become more expensive and carry less than they used to. We probably shop most at Hannafords cuz its smaller and cheaper than the others, and MB, however we have at least one or more staples that only Shaws and TJs has. So we can end up at Hannys, MB, WF, TJs, S&S and Shaws in a month just to find all our stuff! Plus, not one of them has a bakery that reigns supreme, but they each have at least one bakery item that outdoes the others..

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  1. We find all of our basic needs at our local Stop and Shop and Kam Man.

    But we buy stuff at a ton of other places because we want to. (Famers market, firmaggio, Irish butcher, etc )

    1. This made me think about how my parents did it. I never remember my Mom making the rounds, so to speak. She went to the local Grand Union once/week. Throw in a farmer's market in the summer to supplement what we didn't grow in our own gardens, and that was it.

      Like you, we make the rounds. We go to Russo's 2x/month, MB 1x/month, TJs multiple times/week (it's close), and the occasional trip to S&S to pick up/supplement what we couldn't get elsewhere. We only go to WF when we want the oysters or to Shaws over by BU for the fish and other seafood. No single store satisfies all of our wants, so round and round we go. Two weeks ago, we were having friends over for dinner, and I hit TJs, S&S, and Russo's all in one morning to make sure I had all that I wanted. Fun dinner though!

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        Cachetes, you're writing from inside my head! My mom did Safeway once a week, with all six of us trailing behind her. I live close to Russo's and am there every Saturday when they open. I shop at my local butcher, farmers' markets, and fishmonger, and I'm lucky to have Middle Eastern and Portuguese shops nearby. When I go out west I pick up raw milk and fresh eggs. This is shopping, but it's also my idea of a good time! For the paper/cleaning/cat litter sorts of things I go to Costco twice a year and stock up. I don't care if I never see the inside of a regular supermarket again.

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          I do the weekly shopping at MB and get everything we need for the week, or just do without whatever I can't get. We also get all our paper products, diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, spices, and other stuff that we use a lot of at Costco. I also buy fish or some type of meat a couple times per month there. My wife hits up Trader Joes about twice a month for snacky type stuff and muffins for the kids, but these are really unecessary purchases imo.

          I have to visit 4 or 5 different beer stores per month to get all the beers I like to drink on a regular basis.

      2. Our Saturday morning consists of:

        Iggy's - bread (and coffee and pizza and snacks and salmon bagel)
        Russo's - veggies, fruit, tofu (they carry a fantastic fresh tofu made in JP), milk, cheese, pasta
        Arax - whatever looks good produce-wise, yogurt
        Whole Foods - a few items here and there
        Dulock - meat

        Basically only go to Stop and Shop in Watertown for processed food snacks and paper goods. Star Market in Porter in a pinch, but man does the produce there just suck. I should go to MB in Somerville more often, but I don't.

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          I would suggest you go to any other MB. I'm a fan of the chain, but this location is just beyond over-the-top crazy at all hours.

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            If you take a Zen approach, it can be quite pleasant.

        2. TJ's for a decent bit; WF in either Arlington for a basic list, or Woburn/Fresh Pond for a more extensive trip; Wilson Farm if the list is produce heavy. MB in Burlington for staples like distilled vinegar. H-mart for the occasional asian-themed ingredients.

          1. while the produce at our local stupidmarket looks pretty, it is more than twice the price of the fruit and veggie market, so that alone makes it a two stop shopping trip.
            the large megamarts in many parts of the country try to fill every need, but they all fall short on brands and certain quality that many of us here on Chohound.com may want or avoid.
            TJ's has an appeal for a few things. at least to fill the void made by supermegamarkets for items they fill the shelves with cause it's a higher profit for them.
            Most other chains are not available in our immediate area, so for supermarkets it's King Kullen, Shop Rite, Pathmark, Stop & Shop and the fruit and vegetable markets. The ethnic food shops provide a large bulk of what is purchased as well.