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Nov 14, 2013 07:02 PM

Seta's Cafe-Belmont

DH and I went there for lunch today at 1pm. Lines were 3 people deep most of the time we were there. The space is nice and bright with seating for about 20. You grab your own sliverware provided in one of the corners of their space and bus your own table.

Menu has daily soup, sandwiches/wraps, salads, small plates and entree plates with khorovats (grilled meats), chicken or falafel.

DH had the Luleh wrap, which has grilled ground beef and lamb, onion, lettuce, tomatoes and a nice lemony dressing. The ratio of luleh to the veg was perfect for us.The veg was crisp and fresh. The luleh had a nice grilled, meaty flavor and was moist and a little fatty. The lemony dressing provided a counterpoint. The homemade lavash bread was slightly charred, but not bitter on the outside. There was a very slight chewy texture that we enjoyed.

I had the falafel wrap. The falafels were just moist enough, wrapped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and tahini. I didn't drip tahini (as a contrast to Fordees), but everything in this wrap was well balanced. I got a bite of falafel, veg and tahini with every bite. Same homemade lavash wrap as the luleh wrap.

DH also got a bowl of lentil rice soup, which was a large bowl and could be enough for lunch with some nice bread. Cozy warmth for a cold day. Flavor was a little bland and needed salt. Texture was similar to chinese rice porridge, which reminds me of home, so I enjoyed it.

Their salads seem really fresh and the ones which had chicken added to it appeared to have at least a third of a boneless chicken in it. Huge bowl. Sorry I cannot recall the price, but I believe it was in the $10-$12 range.

Sandwiches were $8 for the falafel wrap to $10 for the Luleh wrap. The bowl of soup was $6. We shared a large drink for $3.25.

A little more expensive than what we normally spend for lunch, but the quality was good. I will not go out of the way for the food, but can see myself stopping by when in the neighborhood. Caveat: I have not tried the small plates and will report back if I do. The small plates are part of the brunch menu and have a strong Armenian bent to it.

Website including menu:

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  1. 2 doors up hill from Sophia's, same side of street.

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      Just have to cross the street to get to Sophia's. I could see it from the window. About a block from Gustazo in one direction and a block and a half in another from Linda's Donuts. Talk about a concentration of good eats!

    2. I've been for lunch here, twice - both times ordered the Greek salad w/chicken khorovats. Dining companions had various wraps and plates (with pilaf/fries, salad) and raved. This salad is delicious, loads of fresh greens, good olives (pitted), bell peppers, a bright lemony dressing, good feta and the chicken was well-marinated and cooked perfectly. My one beef is the price for the salads - the full-sized Greek is $10 for the base salad and then it's an additional $5 for the chicken. There was *maybe* 3 oz. of chicken on this salad, and while it was a sizable bowl of greens, by the time I add a cup of tea, I'm at $17 for lunch. Shame on me for going back, but it is delicious and in my 'hood. It's just a nutty-high price for a salad!

      The space is quite nice and it's busy. Seta's putting out delicious food, I just question whether a $17 lunch salad is sustainable . . . .