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Nov 14, 2013 06:15 PM

Girls 40th birthday celebration getaway to Vegas

A handful of college girlfriends celebrating this milestone birthday together in Vegas. We'd like one splurge meal ($150 to $200 per person max) and some other fun dinner (and lunch) options where we can just drink and have a ball. We love margaritas if anyone has a fun Mexican/margarita suggestion for one of the nights. We'd prefer to stay on the strip. Thanks so much!

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  1. Will you have a car? What types of food? What is the budget per person for the other meals? You're missing out on a lot of good restaurants that are off the Strip and that won't cost as much as the Strip restaurants.

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    1. re: Eric

      We won't have a car. I suppose we could cab to off strip places, but there are 6 of us. For the other meals maybe $30- 40 per person plus drinks. We all live in major cities in the U.S. so have access to great food and are relatively adventurous. We like ethnic foods with the exception of Parisian and heavier Eastern European foods. Love seafood. Love Asian influenced foods. Thanks!

      1. re: Kbernard

        Check the AVIS rental location at the airport rental corral. A rental may be cheaper than you think. I rented an Equinox for 2 days for $56 total. I am a local , so it was a little cheaper for me, but still. The airport corral had the best price.

        For a bar I would suggest the Velveteen Rabbit, Bar+Bistro, or Artifice. All are within walking distance of each other-about a block total. I like the Velveteen Rabbit the best. They are in the Arts District (Charleston + Main) just North of the Stratosphere.

        You mentioned that you are coming in February. You may want to check for events like First Friday, etc through Las Vegas SEVEN, Las Vegas WEEKLY, or the City Life websites.

        Have Fun!!

        1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

          Thanks so much! The car situation is more about not wanting to deal with a car and also being able to drink. Is cabbing to the off strip suggestions that big of an expense or inconvenience ?

    2. Is the goal of the pricey meal a 'fun' meal, or simply finding really amazing food?

      If you want to get up early for brunch (not too early,) Border Grill at Mandalay Bay would definitely fill a lunch/brunch spot with great food and a lot of drink.

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      1. re: uhockey

        I think the idea of the pricey meal is great food, but also in a fun environment. Nothing too stuffy. Thanks for the brunch idea!

        1. re: Kbernard

          If the question is great food then I'd strongly suggest Sage or Twist at Aria.

          If you're looking for "Seafood" then American Fish is a great choice.

          If "Asian Influence" then I'd strongly encourage the cab ride to Raku, Sweets Raku, Chada Thai, or even Ichiza.

      2. Love the Cosmo for food and drink. .Chandelier bar is fab. .Jaleo for dinner.
        Lotus of Siam for best Thai..about a mile from LV Hilton..go for the menu.
        Border Grill for brunch is great call..
        Wynn..La Cave

        Have a blast!

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Thanks! We've been to the Jaleo in DC so would like something else along those lines. Any other suggestions?

          1. re: Kbernard

            Sage at Aria
            China Poblano at the Cosmo
            Bouchon for breakfast or oysters and champagne
            City Center and the Cosmo are a fun place to eat and drink.
            Lotus of Siam is considered the best Thai in US..after a boozy filled night, this will right you all.
            Where are you staying and when?
            I'll be there in a couple of weeks..can't wait!
            Check out uhockeys blog..

            1. re: Beach Chick

              Thanks! And have fun! Let me know how your trip went please. We're going in Feb and likely staying at Ceasers (for a variety of reasons).

        2. You might want to consider Gordon Ramsey's Burgr at Planet Hollywood. It's a short walk from Caesers.

          1. Question: When you say "drink and have a ball" you mean as 40-yr olds....or like you did 20 years ago in college?
            Border Grill for the 40-yr olds and Margaritaville for the 20-somethings....The food at BG is usually outstanding..and a great bar; Margaritaville will absolutely put you back in college (to include drinking with those with fake ID's)
            If you do decide on Border Grill, check out Mix (at theHotel/Mandalay Bay) after for great drinks, great vibe, and the best view in Vegas (from the ladies bathroom...seriously).

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            1. re: VegasGourmet

              Lol - great question! I think I mean as 40 year olds, but good to know about Margaritaville if the mood strikes us! Thanks so much!

              1. re: VegasGourmet

                Border Grill was a brunch suggestion; Mix would be ~5+ hours after.