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Nov 14, 2013 05:45 PM

Merigan Sub Shop - SOMA [San Francisco]

A chef friend just posted about this on FB. Sounds great to me. Anybody been?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I'm trying to get that info. As I wrote, I'm getting this second hand but have asked my friend if he knows.

        1. re: c oliver

          That was a joke (a feeble one, it appears) due to the controversy sparked by Shaw's request here, and a request for those who try the subs to opine on the bread, please.

          And thanks for the info.

      1. Tried both the Italian combo and the sausage with peppers and onions this morning.
        I liked the combo, but really loved the sausage. The bread is not identical to my childhood grinders, but works well. They are not large sandwiches, but the quality of the ingredients shines through.
        The attached pic shows half of each half (a quarter of each).

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        1. re: absc

          Thanks for the cross-section photo. Reminded me that a few years ago I had the chance to try some hoagies imported from Philly at a party in SF. A couple things I noticed about their assembly was that the cold cuts were sliced much thinner than typical out here. Also they were folded into each other and rolled instead of layering them flat, and it really enhanced the way the flavors hit the tongue. Your combo sandwich sort of looks like that.

        2. Merigan Sub Shop is only 2 blocks away from AT&T Park so it'll probably do very well.

          I got the Arista $13 - This was under Hot Subs - roasted & braised pork, sharp provolone, rapini, hots. It's a lot of meat, not dry, pretty juicy w/ lots of liquids that make the sandwich soggy, 1/2 a sandwich is plenty for even big eaters. So share or get the other half TOGO!

          Came with 1 Taffy. I had that later too.

          Charge it cuz it's Expensive.

          I want to try Eggplant Parm Hot Sub $10 next time.

          Cold Subs you can add Egg $2 or Add Burrata $4!

          Dark chocolate chip cookies $2.5 I want to try & Italian Shaved Ice $4 sounds good.

          No paper bag given, not sure if they charge for it.

          One unisex bathroom in the back. You can write on the walls with chalk.

          Merigan Sub Shop
          636 2nd St, SF
          Closed Sun
          M-Sat 10am-7pm

          1. Four CHOW staffers went to Merigan today and were quite happy with our subs: porchetta $13, panelle (chickpea fritters) $11, eggplant parm $10, turkey $12. Sandwiches aren't necessarily cheap, but they're huge, and damn tasty. The pork on the porchetta was said to be really good, the mustard on the turkey sub looked nice and whole-grain-y, the panelle could've used a touch of salt but got a boost of flavor from the olive salad, and the eggplant parm received high marks from its vegetarian consumer.

            Service is good. We called in our order at noon to pick up at 1: It was ready when we got there, and folks were friendly from phone to restaurant. We went on a day when the Giants weren't playing at home, something to take into consideration since this spot is only a couple blocks from AT&T Park.

            For those curious about the bread, according to the site it's "a rustic seeded Italian loaf from nearby Pinkie’s Bakery." The bread was definitely seeded, and looked toasted on my panelle sub. I would describe it as dense but soft, which I like. I'm not a fan of things like baguettes, with their painfully crunchy exteriors. The bread was substantial but didn't overwhelm the generous fillings of the subs.

            Sadly, I didn't take any photos of the sandwiches. We were all too busy eating to bother pulling out our phones.

            Merigan Sub Shop
            636 Second Street, SF

            1. This was our first Giants game of the season so we had to try Mergian out. We are sure glad we did - eating those sandwiches on a nice sunny day was the best part of the game! We got the porchetta and chicken parm and both were brilliant exemplars of their type. The bread is fantastic, different than breads I remember on the east coast but simply perfect with both these subs. The dark chocolate chip cookie was excellent but did not travel well to the ball park, breaking into pieces on the way. The subs on the other hand travelled well and both were packed so they kept warm by the time we reached our seats, and were easy to eat in the ballpark setting.

              Getting there an hour or so before the game it was reasonably busy but not crazy, so we didn't have to wait too long. We'll definitely be returning to try more sandwiches before our remaining games. What a fabulous addition to the ballpark neighborhood!