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Nov 14, 2013 04:38 PM

Lost Horizontal Scroll Bar

All right. What happened to the scroll bar at the bottom of each page? This site only. I cannot move beyond the center of the pages to the right unless I zoom out and diminish the size but then of course I can't read anything because it's too small. Not happening with any other site!

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  1. Same issue here - using Firefox 25.0

    1. I've lost the whole page functionality. I enter my title in the top bar and get the message that the title bar can't be blank! And there's no place to enter other copy. I think there are just too many paid ads here, and the users' functionality has simply gone by the wayside.

      1. Elsie and Will I'm sorry for your loss, but to be honest, I'm jubilant it isn't just me, as I had feared.

        1. Whoooo Hooooo... Is anybody out there? Does anybody care?

          1. Thanks for the reports.

            Gio and ElsieDee, we're looking into the missing horizontal scroll bar.

            Will Owen, we're unable to reproduce your bug on our end. It looks like you're using OS 10.4.11 and Safari 4.1.3? Any chance of upgrading your OS and/or version of Safari? We're on OS 10.7.5 and Safari 6.1 here, and seeing no issues. You might also try clearing your cache in Safari.

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              Thanks very much Deborah! We await the magic.