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Nov 14, 2013 03:11 PM

What is your definition of Salad?

Long story short, everyone's definition of salad is different. In my case, salad always include leafy vegetables, with or without meat, egg, or fish...etc. I was surprised many years ago when I was served with the famous snicker/marshmallow/green apple salad:

To this day, I understand that others call it a salad, but I secretly have yet to consider it a "salad".

How about you? What is your definition of salad?

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  1. I think of salad as including leafy vegetables, though then I don't know where to put pasta salad or egg salad or tuna salad for that matter. Good question.

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    1. re: fldhkybnva

      <pasta salad or egg salad or tuna salad >

      Good point too. Let me first say that I love egg salad. I also like pasta salad and tuna salad. However, as you can tell, I didn't think of them when I think of "salad".

    2. So a mixture of fruits isn't a "fruit salad" to you?

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      1. re: ferret

        <So a mixture of fruits isn't a "fruit salad" to you?>

        That is an excellent point. I think, knowing myself, I do consider the fruit salad as salad. I would probably consider the snicker salad as a salad if it is just green apple and marshmallow/whip cream, but the moment we toss in half a bag of candies..... that just push me over the edge.

      2. It needn't have a leafy vegetable. A slice of tomato with oil and vinegar is a salad. Add fresh mozzarelly and basil and it's insalata caprese.

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        1. re: GH1618

          Yea now I have no idea the definition. At first I thought hmm, something mixed together that's dressed but that doesn't work for caprese.

        2. I think the Snickers Salad is appropriately named. Certainly drew a few snickers from me.

          1. Potato salad is one of my favourites. Another is coleslaw so in my view it is not just about the leafy greens. Interesting word that is difficult to define.

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            1. re: chefathome

              Yea, although I guess I never thought of coleslaw as a salad but I will now.

              1. re: chefathome

                Slaw contains cabbage, a leafy vegetable. My potato salad contains celery, a leafy vegetable.

                1. re: GH1618

                  True enough except for jicama and carrot or broccoli slaw! :-)

                2. re: chefathome

                  Coleslaw and potato salad are bound salads.

                  1. re: deet13

                    Yes, but salads just the same. :-)

                    1. re: deet13

                      Bound salads- I can't help thinking of little handcuffs. But seriously, that's a great description of those salads. I wonder if I missed it in the early versions of The Joy of Cooking.

                      1. re: EWSflash

                        Or "bound and gagged" as in Nancy Drew books. :-) Or just gagged as in some Jello-shredded carrot-Mandarin orange segments-wheat berries-Dream Whip concoction.

                        1. re: EWSflash

                          Bound salad's what my grandmother used to call ham, chicken, pasta, potato salads, and coleslaw.

                          I assume that she heard the term from her mother, or she heard the term from Julia Child, Justin Wilson, or perhaps Graham Kerr. She watched their shows religiously when I was a kid.