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Nov 14, 2013 03:05 PM

Where to get a precise 0.1 g or 0.01 g digital scale (for measuring out dessert ingredients)?

I was thinking maybe London Drugs or Staples, but if there are suggestions for a store that might have a decently priced product that would be good to know. Thanks.

Looking at the London Drugs webpage they have several but around $40-$50. Meanwhile has better-looking precise kitchen scales for half that price (excluding any delivery fee and delay).

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  1. If it's you're thinking of consider the 'processing fee' charged by the courier company-often as much as $30 per item thus negating any savings, if you can find someone willing to ship USPS you can generally dodge any customs/brokerage dues. OTOH is so expensive it's not even funny that crowd lives in another universe altogether.

      1. re: cronker

        Rob Ford might be able to help .....

      2. Mine is a Salter. It weighs in .2gm increments and it's in that price range.

        Honestly, I've never felt that it wasn't accurate enough to do the job.

        1. I get mine from They have a great selection and the. My Weigh scales are the best bang for the buck anywhere. Downside? You gotta pay shipping even tho they are Vancouver based. No pick ups.
          For really small fractions of grams I'd try a head shop if you can stand the looks. Its the same scale as jewellers use.

          1. I wonder about the precision you are looking at. The 0.1 g is a 10th of a gram and from my high school days I remember that it is a very small amount.

            Lee Valley Tools have a precision pocket Scale for $16.50 that is accurate to 1/10 th of a gram. Its capacity is 1kg.