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Where to get a precise 0.1 g or 0.01 g digital scale (for measuring out dessert ingredients)?

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I was thinking maybe London Drugs or Staples, but if there are suggestions for a store that might have a decently priced product that would be good to know. Thanks.

Looking at the London Drugs webpage they have several but around $40-$50. Meanwhile Amazon.com has better-looking precise kitchen scales for half that price (excluding any delivery fee and delay).

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  1. If it's Amazon.com you're thinking of consider the 'processing fee' charged by the courier company-often as much as $30 per item thus negating any savings, if you can find someone willing to ship USPS you can generally dodge any customs/brokerage dues.

    Amazon.ca OTOH is so expensive it's not even funny that crowd lives in another universe altogether.

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        Rob Ford might be able to help .....

      2. Mine is a Salter. It weighs in .2gm increments and it's in that price range.

        Honestly, I've never felt that it wasn't accurate enough to do the job.

        1. I get mine from canadianweigh.com They have a great selection and the. My Weigh scales are the best bang for the buck anywhere. Downside? You gotta pay shipping even tho they are Vancouver based. No pick ups.
          For really small fractions of grams I'd try a head shop if you can stand the looks. Its the same scale as jewellers use.

          1. I wonder about the precision you are looking at. The 0.1 g is a 10th of a gram and from my high school days I remember that it is a very small amount.

            Lee Valley Tools have a precision pocket Scale for $16.50 that is accurate to 1/10 th of a gram. Its capacity is 1kg.

            1. I realize it's Amazon, but you need something like this:


              I think WMF makes one, as well as a couple of other brands.

              1. What ingredients (and recipes) are you measuring for that require precision to the 1/100th gram ?

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                  Plain old gelatin, and agar. I use it to make relatively thin jellies, or also for the newfangled way to clarify juices and stocks—for both I've found the amount required to be too small (< 2 g) to be able to do consistently. I've been following the book Modernist Cuisine (http://goo.gl/F0CDVv) and in their tools chapter they recommend a 0.01 g precision as well.

                2. I use this one from American Weigh Scale that's cheap and works really well: http://www.amazon.ca/American-Weigh-S...

                  The better coffee shops probably sell scales too (Forty Ninth Parallel, Revolver, Kafka's)

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                    I went on amazon.ca as well and purchased the 200 g x 0.01 g AWS scale. I'm glad shipping was basically free. I used it tonight and it's a gem!

                    For a while I had rigged up my own beam balance using sewing thread and paper clips. It was fun but those days are over!

                  2. Dessert ingredients ... right .... *wink, wink*

                    Need a precision scale to 0.1g or even 0.01g ... for dessert, yes, for dessert ingredients. *wink, wink*


                    Seriously though, amazon.com, ship it to a drop ship/receiving over at Blaine/Point Roberts, get gas at same time.

                    That's what i'd do.

                    .... and then resume my cocai .... errr ... dessert ingredients weighing ...

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                    1. Try www.fishersci.com and search for digital scale. The one with the bowl is only $18.95.

                      Hardware and teacher supply stores have many dual purpose kitchen utensils.

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                        I'd never think to check out teacher supply stores, thanks!

                      2. It's not a bargain sorta place, but Gourmet warehouse has .1g accuracy scales for less than 30 dollars. It's probably not the cheapest place but you know it's there

                        1. not sure your neighborhood / town - but i found one very exact at our summer local small town (and very nice) kitchen shop - like a mini WS. There is a similar shop I have been in to on the Sunshine Coast if you live / go up that way - the price was reasonable (under 50)

                          Seasoned Kitchen in Gibsons BC

                          i had to chuckle about this part - the saleslady was very helpful - and you know this must be Canada - she said ----- my husband cures hunting meat - and he needs exact grams etc for the spices

                          i suppose a laboratory supply would have very fine grams ... further to comment on this thread - indeed some of us do use these fine measurements for legit industrial purposes at work

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                            The SO needed a very accurate scale for measuring unroasted coffee beans and got one from Espressotec in Richmond. Not sure it goes down as low as the OP needs but maybe worth a look...