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Nov 14, 2013 03:02 PM

Birthday Dinner Ideas

20ish people, all in their early-mid 20s. Ideally 30s or lower to make post-dinner activities convenient, but either East or West is fine.

Looking for great food, good group seating/service and good beverage options. Doesn't need to be very avant-garde with prep or an overly trendy scene, although some celebratory ambiance and a crowd skewing younger would be nice if we aren't in a private room. Would also consider a large-party dish like the bo ssam at momofuku.

Keen's is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and an easy fallback but there might be a vegetarian or two and while I'm content to drink scotch, some of the girls want a bit more wine variety.

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    1. L'Apicio has a private dining room that would accommodate your party - excellent wines and drink menu. Lafayette also has a private room and may fit what you're looking for.

      The Breslin, Ma Peche and Tertulia do large format dinners - though I'm not sure for up to 20 people... maybe someone else can advise.

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        Without knowing exact head count (20 or more than that?) and price range it's hard to say.

        Chef's table at the Breslin maxes out at 12, so you'd have to do it in the Board Room or book the Loft of the Ace Hotel. But those spaces only hold 20 or 25.

        Momofuku Ssam's large group menu is a bo ssäm or duck ssäm prix fixe, both are available for parties of 11 or more in Ssäm's main dining room.

        Or you can buy out Booker & Dax next door:

        Ma Peche's large group menu for up to 38 is here:

        For Tertulia, more than 12 would be a custom event for them:

        Resto has large format feasts but may max out at 20:

        Public has 2 semi-private rooms as well for 20 or 30: