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Do you have trouble eating when you are home alone?

I do. Even though I have a deep freezer full of things I can heat up easily. Some days lunch is just really unappealing. My go to foods when I'm like that are spaetzle with pesto sauce, chalupas or tacos, or a cup of chicken broth.

What do you go for when you're hungry but nothing sounds good?

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  1. Peanut butter on a toasted English muffin, usually.

    If I'm feeling a little energetic, I'll make tuna salad for the English muffin.

    1. I live alone, but I understand about "go-to" foods when nothing appeals.
      Cheese n crackers; cottage cheese & fruit; or PBJ are usually the options when I'm in that place.

      1. No, usually don't eat. I may graze a bit but sit diwn and eat a meal, no.

        1. I like scrambled eggs. Not overcooked. With a mix of butter and extra virgin olive oil.

            1. re: ferret

              I too have trouble eating. The trouble is I eat anything and everything, apparently like ferret. But that is not to take the OP's question lightly.

              It's sort of an extension of the teenager standing in front of the open refrigerator saying "there isn't anything here to eat." Some days nothing sounds good. Sadly I just eat whatever it is anyhow. so my advice is just grab something, anything, and make the best of it.

            2. I wish I had that problem. I eat very healthy when my husband/kids are there. I cook from scratch almost every day. However, when my husband travels for work, all bets are off. I have no problem cooking huge meals to last a few days. Normally it will be things that I know my husband isn't crazy about or comfort foods from childhood.

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                I'm with ya too, I don't eat any differently when I'm alone other than to eat foods that whoever is missing doesn't particularly like.

              2. Bread. I can always almost gag down bread if nothing else is appealing.

                1. To answer your post title? No. I love being home alone. My days are long and harried, so having only myself to consider for "care and feeding" is a luxury.

                  Like other posters, I like to eat foods that someone else might yuck...sardines with good mustard. Romano cheese, or any pungent hard cheese. Miso soup. Eggs in purgatory.

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                    "My days are long and harried, so having only myself to consider for "care and feeding" is a luxury."

                    This is a lovely way of looking at it and something that I need to take into consideration. I admit that lately I've become lazy and a bit uninterested during my super-busy week. I cook on the weekends but my week nights might end up with a bowl of cereal.

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                      Same here. Tonight, DH and boys are off to a football playoff game. I will be enjoying a small steak, baked potato and nice cab.

                    2. I don't have trouble eating, but I often don't bother making an actual meal if it's just me. Sometimes I'll undertake a big kitchen project (e.g., making sausage, making cheese, etc.) and just eat some of whatever I make, or I'll snack on odds and ends, or things my husband doesn't like. And if all else fails, there are always eggs.

                      1. What do you go for when you're hungry but nothing sounds good?

                        Cereal (Cap'n Crunch or Honey Nuts N Oats) and a glass of Talisker 18.

                        That usually does the trick.

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                            As big as necessary.

                            Cereal can be quite dry going down.

                        1. If nobody else is home for meals, I'm most likely to make a package of instant ramen. Or graze on chips, nuts, and raisins. I rarely cook for myself.

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                            Me too, unless I want to boil up a bunch of shrimp and eat them wih cocktail sauce or just lemon.

                          2. Being home alone is a great opportunity for me to cook dishes my partner doesnt care for. I spend as much time in the kitchen as when there's the two of us. Happy to make a three course meal, dining table properly set (with candle at this time of year in the northern hemisphere), etc

                            1. I tend to go for those things that my males don't care so much for, or complain about, like a can of sardines or smoked mackerel that only smells good to the person that's eating it. I have some bizarre cravings, and indulge them when they're gone. That's all I'm gonna say. :-)

                              1. NEVER. It's the best time to pig out.

                                I like to make a large platter of Chinese boiled dumplings (jiaozi) and make a fancy dip of chopped shallots & garlic, light soy, sesame oil and chopped cilantro to go with the dumplings. Eat them slowly in front of a good TV show (like Modern Family or Big Bang Theory).

                                If said dumplings are in short supply, I'd settle for a box of Ritz crackers and a jar of natural salted smooth PB :-D

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                                  Lol, I agree, I'll pig out on foods that might seem kind of weird otherwise. Like a giant plate of hash browns for dinner. Maybe with cheese melted on top. Guilty pleasures, that sort of thing.

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                                    You must be reading my mind. Last night's alone dinner was a big cast iron skillet full of pot stickers, with ginger scallion sauce and chili paste, eaten while reading a thriller novel.

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                                      Awesome ! Once awhile I go crazy on the Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce, from good 'ol Rosemead Calif :-D

                                  2. Carrots, dried and lightly salted soybeans and chocolate chips. If I planned ahead, tomatoes with a couple of shakes of salt.

                                    1. I don't have trouble eating when I am home alone. However, to answer your specific question. I don't remember ever having trouble eating (except food poisoning and other serious illnesses). I have had trouble cooking because of being too tired or too busy. In these cases, I just prepare something extremely simple, like frozen pizza, milk and cereal, instant noodle....etc.

                                      1. Since DH retired, I am rarely home alone for a meal. But when he was gone a couple days a week at dinner time, I almost always made some kind of pasta and cheese for myself. Sometimes carbonara, sometimes alfredo, sometimes mac & cheese, sometimes sour cream and parmesan, and sometimes the blue box or the one with squeeze cheese in it.

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                                          Yes. Always had a bunch of people around. But most have simce passed away and I now live alone. Hate eating alone though I love to cook. When I'm alone and just an't stand food, I go for a yogurt, some success rice and cheese, maybe instant potatoes. Crackers with cheese or pb and j. Or I just leave. Too quiet sometimesnto stay.

                                          1. re: Miri1

                                            I get what your feeling there. I'm not in the same situation but have experienced it in the past.

                                            My sympathies.

                                        2. Eating isn't the problem, it's I don't have the desire to cook when I'm alone or just me and the toddler. My husband travels once a month or so, and has a dinner meeting every other week, so those are blue box nights. Or pizza.

                                          Before the kid, it was usually chinese take out when he was traveling, but Thank you nut allergies, thats now in my past.

                                          1. I don't cook as much if I'm eating alone, I'll tend to snack but if I do cook, it'll be something that the BF doesn't care to eat. He's not a huge soup eater and he doesn't eat pasta with the exception of mac & cheese so I take advantage. Tonight it's Tandoori lima bean soup.

                                            1. Perhaps changing the dining area will help. If you always eat at the table when dining with others switch to the sofa, the patio, a picnic by the fireplace. A new spot may lessen the reminders of who isn't there.

                                              When I was married I always enjoyed a chance to make items my spouse didn't care for when I had a week alone. Or I'd make a Cornish hen rather than a whole chicken.

                                              I guess I like my own company and seldom really feel lonely. I miss specific people but being alone doesn't change my enjoyment of cooking and eating.

                                                1. The problem is that if I am alone I will convince myself that I am not hungry. So of course a few hours later I am starving and nothing is prepared. At this point I'll usually go for a massive salad of whatevers on hand accompanied by quick proteins like cheese, hard boiled eggs, nuts, grazing of snack foods, etc. The point is I should have just made a well balanced meal in the first place!

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                                                    My problem is the opposite. I live by myself, and if I get bored and have nothing else to do, I'm likely to eat something even when not actually hungry. Which isn't good for my waistline. :-)

                                                  2. If I'm hungry and nothing sounds good. Peanut butter on toast and a glass of chocolate milk, an egg in a nest, cereal, fruit, cream cheese on a graham cracker with jam

                                                    oh wait those are all my "sick" foods. The stuff I eat when I don't feel good but need some sustenance. Eh, same thing I guess.

                                                    1. I have trouble eating food that is good for me when I am home alone.

                                                      1. I don't really mind cooking for one, but I hate cleaning for one. So it's generally a sandwich, crackers and cheese, toast and pb, etc.

                                                        1. Since I am NEVER home alone I can't answer for certain, but in my imagination, if I could get the house to myself I would do nothing but eat! Cheese, chocolate, repeat - all day long.

                                                          But sometimes I am hungry and nothing sounds good, and lately at times like that I have been having pita/garlicky hummus/olives. I like the tanginess and acidity.

                                                          1. My go to is rice noodle soup. Sort of a mash up between Pho and ramen. Broth etc. depend on what is in the fridge and what sounds good. I try to use whatever meat leftovers we might have, green onions, pea pods, napa cabbage and maybe an egg.
                                                            The other default meal is fried rice, again usually cleaning out the fridge leftovers and some sriracha.

                                                            1. I live alone. I cook alone.
                                                              I do some of my best, most satisfying eating when alone!

                                                              1. Opposite problem for me - when the husband's away I plan, cook, and eat a great deal of food. Mostly things he's not as into, like red meat, fresh pasta, chili, etc. If I wake up early enough on a weekend I'll have braised chuckroast for lunch with vegetables, then make a pot of chili for dinner. Also lots of steak. And bad TV that I normally wouldn't subject him to.

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                                                                  Bad tv...990 channels and STILL--nothing on!

                                                                2. Yesterday morning it was raining, there were two wrecks on the nearby freeway and traffic was awful. Mrs. O kissed me goodbye when I left her at the train station and said, "Now, just stay in today, okay?" So I went to the grocery, got some carrots, parsnips, celery and potatoes, and a five-pound chicken … No, I don't have a problem eating alone at home, or if I do it's about putting the brakes on. I do have irregular meal habits, like having a nice big breakfast that runs late because I was at the gym until 9:00, and then I'll just suck up some cold leftovers around 2:00 or so, right from their refrigerator dish, probably with a soup spoon.

                                                                  And, speaking of cold leftovers, there's this big bowl of pulled poached chicken in gravy, evilly tempting me to add noodles …

                                                                  1. these last few weeks have been almost the only time ever i've been alone to eat and so far i'm loving it. i'm actually spending more time in the kitchen when i cook, just for me, because i take my time about it, as i don't care how late i eat. When the BF is home, if i'm cooking, i know he's hungry so i try to do things fast so we eat at what he considers a decent hour. but on my own? i didn't sit down to eat until about 9:30 tonight, i think. and yes, as others mentioned, i'm cooking a lot of things he doesn't like while he's not here.

                                                                    1. When himself is out, I tend to revert to my premarriage cooking of getting home and thinking "which food groups haven't I had enough of today?" and making a meal of the answer. Often means lots of soup for some reason. With lots of chilli.