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Nov 14, 2013 11:14 AM

Lamb or sheep's head

Anyone know of a good butcher in Montreal that I can get a lamb or goat's head from?

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  1. My mother in law makes a persian dish with a lamb head (kaleh pacheh), I'll ask here where she gets it from.

    Edit : she buys it from Akhavan

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    1. re: sophie.brunet

      That is logical, if she is Iranian or from another Persophone country... If only Akhavan weren't so far...

      1. re: lagatta

        There is also the one in the West Island, but I'm guessing that would be even further (for her its closer, so distance is relative ;) )

        1. re: sophie.brunet

          Yes, if you have followed me at all, I live near JTM.

    2. I've also seen them at Al-Khair, on Jean-Talon just east of the market.

      1. I see them at Adonis quite frequently.

        1. Any butcher who slices your cut of choice off of a carcass should be able to sell you the head- most places where I have seen this have been halal.

          Our butcher is La Casbah, on BĂ©langer between 8th ave and St. Michel, and I have seen heads there, but it is not something I would count on them having without checking first..

          1. Boucherie Notre Dame, by Atwater will be able to get you one. Always good to call ahead for something like this.