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Nov 14, 2013 11:07 AM

Coffee Roasters

I was recently given two pounds of an excellent Kona Peaberry coffee, but the beans are green. I am reluctant to roast them myself, does anyone know a place in the city that will do it for me?

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  1. You could ask at Porto Rico in the W Village.

    1. if you cant find anyone to do it for you, you might think about investing in an air popper:

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        I'm been banned from roasting in my apartment unfortunately. The original idea of giving me the beans was it would be a fun project.

      2. There is a cooperative roaster opening in Red Hook, where you can rent time, but I doubt it would be economical.

        It's unlikely you're going to have any luck with the big roasters. Some of these places blow through 2 pounds just testing the roast, so it's not worth their time. It would take a lot of going door to door to find someone willing to do you a favor. One place that has the equipment to do it quickly is Roasting Plant, but again, no idea if they would.

        You might be better off enlisting a friend with a kitchen, a popcorn roaster, and a fan. I think you can even roast very small batches in a frying pan, and there are tutorials online.