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Nov 14, 2013 10:35 AM

Lunch on Dec 17 with a group

Looking for lunch ideas for a group of about 15. Office holiday gathering. We are on N Broad in Fairmount. Mixed group - some foodies, some not. Entrees under $20? Parking can't be too difficult, but we can car pool and use a lot as long as it won't cost $25 for 2 hrs. Thought of Positano Coast, the London Grill, Rose Tatoo and Sabrina's on Callowhill. Other thoughts?

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  1. Kite and Key is right across the street from Rose Tatoo. I have had good lunches there, I remember some very good mussels, and they do a good burger. Relaxed atmosphere. Definitely is in your price range.

    1. Cafe lift is not far, very good, and in price range. Menu leans more towards brunch however. I think bufad is doing lunch now, it's really small, but they might let you guys take over the place if you call ahead.

      1. One of my husband's "Boards" has had several lunches at Rembrandts and liked it there. There is a lot right across the street if there isn't street parking.
        I would not recommend London Grill; have heard really negative things.
        People like Sabrina's but I don't know if they would reserve for a large group. Positano Coast has difficult parking.
        There is also the back/side room at Osteria; you could look at the menu online. Lunch prices might be okay.

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          Thanks folks - some places I hadn't thought of, and I didn't know Bufad had opened for lunch. Sadly, we are lunching on a Tuesday so Osteria won't work. I have heard negatives about the London too - but not recently and I know the space would be OK. But if there are still negative reviews we'll take it out of consideration.