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Jun 7, 2005 08:53 AM

SA sushi, etc help

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Will be in San Antonio this Wed-Mon, working at SBC Center. Can anyone recommend a good sushi place (or two) in the area, preferably not too trendy trend and close to SBC Center/downtown?

Any other restaurant recommendations for this area would be appreciated as well. The tourist places are fun but we like local places better.


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  1. Downtown sushi, either Sushi Zushi or the new place called choice is Yokonyu. Address is 301 E. Houston St, (210) 227-0757. Great lunch special there.

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    1. re: Bonnie #2

      A friend is a sushi fetishist ... likes this place best:

      Kabuki 545-5151
      15909 San Pedro (281 N, exit 1000 Oaks and take turn-around to Galleria Oaks Center
      Tu-Th 1130-14, 17-2130
      F 1130-14, 17-2230
      Sa 17-2230
      Su 17-2130
      NOT DOWNTOWN ... just a bit N of the Airport on 281


      They don't like Fujiya ... says good sushi but bad service.

      For other (non-sushi) places downtown/ see my recent posts re: San Antonio ... burgers, Downtown & Market Place area, etc.

      Here for the playoffs? Have a good weekend.

      1. re: Lagniappe

        When you go to Fujiya, always try to sit at the sushi bar, I always do. As far as service being bad, it's a big restaurant, service may be slow, but I wouldn't say bad. Nothing abnormal from a restaurant that size.

    2. Well, there are only 3 sushi place in town worth going to, but they are all out of downtown area. They are as follows: Niki's on Hildabrend (been around for over 35 years), Fujiya on Wursbach (around for 30 years), and Samurai sushi on babcock (around about 2 years)..every other place is just "seafood restaurant" trying define what the word "sushi" means.

      Have fun

      1. I'm here in S.A. for work this week, and pulled up this post for sushi recommendations. I chose Fujiya.

        I actually thought the service was really great. The waitresses in the kimonos are adorable. But please tell me there is better sushi than that here in town. The fish was average and the rice was gummy and way off. Also the sushi chef's sampler had *gasp* imitation crab meat as one of its offerings.


        1. All the places mentioned a pretty good, EXCEPT Niki's Little Tokyo. I wouldn't even put that in the league of Sushi. Don't bother. The fish wasn't that good, the place is a nasty hole, and service is totally lacking. IWhen I ordered salmon and it came out smoked. I asked the waiter about that he says, "It's dangerous to eat raw salmon, so we don't serve it." You be the judge.


          Zushi Sushi is very good, but certainly puts a South Texas spin on the fish. Just keep that in mind when you go there, just to set your expectations.

          1. Yeah not too much in the way of great Sushi downtown.
            Personal recommendations are;

            Godai Sushi Bar & Restaurant

            Niki's Tokyo Inn

            I would say they are worth the extra drive.
            You may be able to find a few more things here too.

            Please let us know which one you tried out.