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Nov 14, 2013 09:37 AM

Papaya salad...favorites

I really enjoy papaya salads from Thai and Vietnamese places. I just had the one at S+I and it was great (plus it's20 minutes later and the spice still lingers) but one of the more unwieldy plates I've had in awhile. Pho and Rice has a nice one with fresh as opposed to the dry shrimp that is more typical. Myers and Chang's is pretty and all but was my least favorite of the 3 I've had in last 7 days. Anyone have any favorites?

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  1. S & I is my favorite, though it's always a toss-up between the papaya and the larb salad which I also love. Dok Bua makes a creditable one but a tad sweeter and with a bit less punch. What do you mean by "unwieldy"?

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      It's just difficult to eat with fork or chopsticks. Far to much liquid pools at the bottom. Tasty for sure. But ugly, even for shredded green papaya.

      1. re: coolaugustmoon

        Much easier eating with your hands and sticky rice, or just a spoon.

        S&I has a nice rendition, though I actually prefer Pad Thai Cafe's - their prik nam plaa is exceptional (still haven't figured out what they do differently), the som tam incendiary, and just strikes the right balance consistently.

        Thai North also a nice northern version with pounded pickled crabs (pictured below).