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Nov 14, 2013 09:33 AM

Good restaurant near Cap Hill...

Bistro Bis naturally came to mind, but I was wondering if there was something new that might be better? Open to any suggestions.

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  1. Read Shawington's recent post on Rose's Luxury. I'd go back there just for the bread alone.

    1. Ambar, supposedly Balkan but really Serbian adapted heavily to contemporary modern American tastes (and with the same small-plate theme to rack up the prices), is also on Barrack's Row. It is worth trying, and is relatively new. It is a cut above other Capitol Hill restos.

      1. Bistro Bis is good. If you are over on the Senate/Union Station side Art and Soul is also good.

        Over on the House side you can head over to Eastern Market where there are some good options including Cava. Really depends how high end you are looking for though.

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          Seconds for Cava and Bistro Bis.