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Nov 14, 2013 09:25 AM

21 Blvd In Beaune - Nice wine bar and restaurant

When planning a holiday, I sometimes forget to leave room to just try something new, without any preconceived expectations based on prior CH reviews, friends' tips, etc. Such was the case with 21 Blvd.

In a very old, but modernized wine cellar, the atmosphere is perfect for an intimate dinner. Because my husband complained that he could not do anymore elaborate dinners and then skip off to bed, we opted to try 21Blvd for lunch and asked our B&B to book us a table at 12:30 for the next day - no problem. When we arrived, the small cellar was already half full with French-speaking diners - couple business men, couple couples. I was a bit anxious that they would only have a French menu, which would have been complicated for me to understand 100%, but fortunately for us they also produced an English menu.

I opted for the 3 course Bourgogne Menu at €25, my husband went for the €40. We splurged on a very tasty bottle of Morey St Denis Premier Cru Chaffots from Domaine Michel Magnien. They have a HUGE wine list of mostly local wines. It would be easy to do lunch for two here for less than €100, including a bottle of wine.

For starters I had the casserole of Burgundy snails with raviolis de Royan in garlic bouillon, which was so delicious that I could have eaten a curule more bowls of it. My husband started with suckling piglet on toast with feld salad. Next I received Boeuf Bourguignon with beef cheeks and fresh tagliatelle. My husband had the rack of Lorere lamb with mini roasted vegetables. My dish wasn't as great as my husand's lamb, but it was okay. Next we had a plate of four or five different cheeses from the region. Then we finished with a walnut tartlet with chantilly creme and candied chestnuts and fresh figs, mulot, gingerbread with ice cream. For me, I enjoyed my escargot starter the best, followed by my husband's lamb. The lamb was cooked perfectly and the roasted veggies were well seasoned and left me wanting more.

According to our waiter, the restaurant opened in Jul2013 and so far the business is doing great. He said their dinners are often booked weeks in advance but lunch was usually less full.

Here is the website for the rest:

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  1. Thanks for the post! Always like to keep up on new trends. You never know when a casual stop in is a new place that locals might not have fully vetted yet. Merci!

    1. The wine list is on line, but doesn't have prices. How would you characterize the markups?

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      1. re: Mike C. Miller

        Mike: Because their wine tome is so extensive, I think the local wines are better priced for movement than wines from outside the Beaune area. I think this is true everywhere and was also evident in Beaune. There are SO many vineyards and wine producers around Beaune to choose from; I would be shocked if a diner could not find a wine on their list that fit their tastes and budget. We wanted to try only wines from that region that we were not familiar with; so we opted for Morey St. Denis Premier Cru from Chaffots vineyards of Domaine Michel Magnien. It was delicious and very very reasonably priced. It was around the 30Euros, I think. Our choice was not the cheapest on the menu and not the most expensive - they had some wines over 1,000 Euros/bottle. Sadly, I am not a wine connoisseur so I doubt that I could tell the difference between a 30Euro or a 1,000 Euro wine, and I don't have the disposal income to support this. But if you can, then, by all means, 21 Blvd probably has it on their wine list. Hope this helps.

      2. Your Mulot "gingerbread" is a real classic in that area, procured probably from the Beaune branch of Dijon's Mulot et Petitjean.

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        1. re: mangeur

          Mangeur: You must have had that before. Yes, that's what our waiter explained to us and, because I hadn't had it before, I had to try it. I always want to experience new things and whenever a waiter suggests something as 'from the region,' he needs to say no more because I will say, "Oui, merci." Gosh, all this talk of Beaune makes me want to go back 'tout de suite". I wonder if I could convince the husband for a long weekend trip...