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Favorite Thanksgiving Sandwich

Just to marry two currently popular subjects. How do you fix the later that day or the next sandwich?
Since its a crowd usually whole wheat with whole grain mustard and cranberry on one slice topped with turkey then dressing. After that depends on what is available, creamed onions or roasted veggies are great. If it's all mine everything plus toasted bread.
So what is your dagwood sandwich creation?

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  1. It has to be squishy cheap white bread, mayo, lettuce, sweet pickles and dark turkey meat. An orgasmic experience for sure!!

    1. First you have to have left over banana nut bread. But that is rarely an option.

      On the bread.

      salt and pepper
      Turkey with skin
      cranberry jelly
      salt and pepper

      For some reason, this is the only time milk is my beverage of choice with a sandwich.

      1. A good wheat or Italian (seeded) bread, toasted
        Best Foods mayonnaise, thin schmear on both slices
        Iceberg lettuce leaf
        sliced cranberry sauce
        roasted turkey slices

        accompanied by icy cold diet coke

        optional is sliced avocado, but then we tend to go in a different direction and make wraps with cream cheese spread on flour tortillas

        1. Sourdough bread, grilled in butter. Then add:
          Thick layer of chicken liver pate (I usually make this for an appetizer)
          Thinner layer of cranberry-fig-port sauce
          Pile of shredded Brussels sprouts
          Aged white cheddar

          Into the toaster oven or under the broiler to melt the cheese. Served open-faced. The pate should just be starting to melt. God yes.

          1. WW bread
            Best Foods mayo
            cranberry sauce
            large plate to catch all the stuff that gooshes out the sides.

            repeat as needed

            1. 1. Two slices of soft sandwich bread
              2. Put on a nice layer of cranberry sauce (homemade, never canned) as thick as spackle
              3. Top with leftover sausage stuffing, allowing the cranberry sauce to be the glue that keeps the stuffing from shooting out of the sandwich
              4. On top of stuffing goes a few slices of turkey
              5. Top with second slice of bread, additional cranberry sauce spackling is optional.

                1. Homemade buttermilk white bread. Cranberry sauce on one slice. Mayo on the other. Slices of turkey, crumbled blue cheese and chopped pecans in the middle.

                  Goes nicely with a bit of warm stuffing and gravy.

                  1. Any white bread
                    American cheese
                    Maybe lettuce if I'm feeling adventurous

                    1. All i can think about is the Friends episode where Ross won't shut up about the "moist maker" in his leftovers sandwich.....

                      1. I love a hearty wheat bread or the opposite spectrum of a King's Hawaiian sweet roll and I load it up just like a Thanksgiving plate - no mayo, mashed potatoes along the bread, scoop of macaroni and stuffing, turkey and gravy. When I feel crazy I'll add some mustard or even a slice of good cheese.

                        1. I might have to try a few variations this year. We are going to family intown and I don't expect any leftovers. I do think I will pick up a breast afterwards just for sandwiches and a pot pie.
                          Another good turkey sandwich is with brie, apple and cranberry sauce on a baguette.

                          1. After Thanksgiving I'm usually tired and my jaws are fatigued from the gabbing, laughing and eating.

                            The sandwich is kept simple
                            Soft white bread, turkey, mayo, black pepper and salt. The salt is a must. Something about the salt just brings out a little extra in the sandwich.

                            Optional, iceberg lettuce and a little mustard.

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                              My husband must must must have black pepper on his turkey sandwiches.

                              1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                Oh I neglected the black pepper, yes a must!

                            2. Pretty plain and boring by some standards, but very fine eating by me.

                              White bread
                              Ham with plenty of fatty bits

                              That's it...makes me happy

                              1. Between two slices of Russian rye bread layer:
                                Leftover stuffing
                                Turkey gravy
                                Mashed potatoes
                                Cranberry sauce
                                Leftover dark meat turkey
                                Creamed spinach
                                Mashed sweet potato
                                Foil wrap and still in a 325 oven for 10 mins unless everything is ice cold, might take more time.

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                                  I am obsessed with Russian Rye lately. Loving toast with overeasy eggs.

                                  1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                    The Russian rye is essential. We do that egg in the middle thing with the rye. And that over easy is so good!

                                2. Hard roll, could be poppy seed
                                  Cranberry Sauce
                                  Sometimes mayo mixed with the cranberry sauce, so good