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Nov 14, 2013 08:12 AM

Spring 2014 Openings and Closings

I imagine anything posted here can move to the appropriate monthly opening/closing post as the dates get closer to reality.

Anyway, Universal Hub reports that an Italian restaurant called Sobo Bistro (for South Boston, get it?, because Southie isn't real-estate-speaky enough) is slated to open in a former electrician's shop at the corner of East Broadway and L Street, right next to the Tasty Burger. They're angling for a beer/wine license and midnight closing seven days.

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  1. You should have put (yes, I know its Nov.) in your title. ;-)

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    1. re: LStaff

      Pretty much any projection for an opening that is more than eight weeks from the day it's posted should have a big asterisk next to it.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I might start a thread titled "Never Openings and Closings," including such places as Harry's on Harrison, Babbo Fort Point, Grumpy Cactus Bar and Grill, and Geoffrey Zakarian Harborside Bar and Grill.

        1. re: hiddenboston

          In the Never Opening category, don't forget the new and shiny location of Olives Charlestown, the new Anthony's Pier 4, Marc Orfaly's casual American concept in the old Pigalle space, Barbara Lynch's construction-worker-friendly shot and a beer joint, La Brasa in Somerville, and the brick and mortar Boston Super Dog (RIP, Gregg).

            1. re: Madrid

              Of that list, I'd say that's the only one that still has a shot at coming back to life. It has spent a lot of time in suspended animation.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                I was kind of disappointed that East End Grille opened first. It's a big disappointment but then Sarma opened! Not as close to us but still closer than Oleana.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  PR reps for McClelland said as of 5 weeks ago that La Brasa was still going to happen, and within the past 2 weeks participated in a charity dinner with a bunch of other restaurants. They've held meals before, too, but this is the first food served by the La Brasa team under that name in some time.

              2. re: MC Slim JB

                and the new Radius, located "steps away" from the old one.

        2. Don't forget Dosa Factory in Waltham. The ornate facade on the unfinished space is looking pretty weather-worn.

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          1. re: bear

            Yeah, damn, even Charcoal Guido's opened leaving the Dosa Factory the saddest front on the block ( and bookended by weird Habenero's hours, sometimes open, sometimes not)

            1. re: bear

              It's funny, one day I walked by it and saw a couple of the metal trays on the outside missing and was surprised to see they were replaced a few days later.

            2. Eater Boston reports that CT-based tapas chain Barcelona, which has an outpost in Washington Square, Brookline, will take over the former Sibling Rivalry space in the South End. Opening sometime in 2014. That will make three Spanish places in the neighborhood.


              1. Merrill & Co. coming to the old 28 Degrees space this spring, from Babak Bina's restaurant group. Among other good news, that means a cocktail program from Kevin Mabry of jm Curley.


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                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Here's a new door posting I saw this morning

                  1. re: meeps2002

                    Their craigslist hiring ad says they're aiming for a March opening.


                2. Since December is almost over, I figured I'd post this here.

                  Waltham Patch is reporting that Habanero's in Waltham has a sign on the door saying they're closed for renovations. No info online so it doesn't sound good.