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Nov 14, 2013 08:06 AM

Food truck wedding at a beach?

Has anyone attended a beach side wedding where food trucks catered the reception? Just trying to see if this is even feasible.

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  1. You could certainly call the Border Grill folks and ask them....or Kogi. I'm pretty sure a wedding planner could help with permits. A truck/some trucks shouldn't be a problem. I'm guessing some might want it to be "exclusive" and not like the idea of more than one truck.

    1. what says happy wedding night better than in n out?

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        The In N Out Truck must be booked at least 6 months in advance and The minimum charge to bring a unit out is $1,400 or 75% of your estimated order (based on our cheeseburger price) whichever is higher, and entitles you to 1.5 hours of serving time. Additional time may incur an overtime charge of $100 per half hour. Sales tax will be charged on all food items. The truck can not do shakes or fries. Animal chips?

      2. I have seen weddings done at on the grass in front of The Santa Monica Heritage Museum on Main St and Ocean Park a block from the beach with food trucks.

        1. Wasn't beach side, but I attended a wedding catered by Kogi. I believe you pay a set price for unlimited food based on the length of time and menu you want.

          1. food trucks are kind of slow, so you'd need a bunch of them for a wedding. i wouldn't recommend it.

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              <I wouldn't recommend it>

              I've been to a couple of weddings where food trucks were really the main event, in terms of food.
              People ended up waiting in line, angry and hungry.
              Not a great idea, in my opinion, unless the event is catered and then the truck is brought in toward the end when people are wanting a little something to eat after they've been partying.