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Food truck wedding at a beach?

Has anyone attended a beach side wedding where food trucks catered the reception? Just trying to see if this is even feasible.

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  1. You could certainly call the Border Grill folks and ask them....or Kogi. I'm pretty sure a wedding planner could help with permits. A truck/some trucks shouldn't be a problem. I'm guessing some might want it to be "exclusive" and not like the idea of more than one truck.

    1. what says happy wedding night better than in n out?

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        The In N Out Truck must be booked at least 6 months in advance and The minimum charge to bring a unit out is $1,400 or 75% of your estimated order (based on our cheeseburger price) whichever is higher, and entitles you to 1.5 hours of serving time. Additional time may incur an overtime charge of $100 per half hour. Sales tax will be charged on all food items. The truck can not do shakes or fries. Animal chips?

      2. I have seen weddings done at on the grass in front of The Santa Monica Heritage Museum on Main St and Ocean Park a block from the beach with food trucks.


        1. Wasn't beach side, but I attended a wedding catered by Kogi. I believe you pay a set price for unlimited food based on the length of time and menu you want.

          1. food trucks are kind of slow, so you'd need a bunch of them for a wedding. i wouldn't recommend it.

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              <I wouldn't recommend it>

              I've been to a couple of weddings where food trucks were really the main event, in terms of food.
              People ended up waiting in line, angry and hungry.
              Not a great idea, in my opinion, unless the event is catered and then the truck is brought in toward the end when people are wanting a little something to eat after they've been partying.

            2. One of the trends at Indian weddings for the last few years have been stations of different kinds of foods. In some cases they have multiple caterers. Something like that might work

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                I've been to a few Indian weddings…
                Drop-dead outstanding in the planning.
                You're right…

                There were many, many food/drink/dessert stations and nobody was waiting in line for anything, even though there were hundreds of people attending.

              2. Get a truck that leans more towards catering Scratch is one http://www.scratchventura.com/
                Flatiron http://flatirontruck.com/. Is another

                1. Try Heirloom L.A.

                  They cater, have a smokin' truck, and taco cart.

                  They did a whole pig wedding, brought the truck for catering purposes, served lasagna cupcakes and organic salad from their gardens too.

                  Then at 11pm, when everyone started to get the munchies from working the dance floor, out came the taco cart with many rendtions of pork tacos from the whole pig! Ingenious!