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Nov 14, 2013 08:06 AM

Where find Baklava with strong Rosewater taste( West LA/ Santa Monica)?

Does anyone know where I can get Baklava with a strong rosewater taste (& all the spices/flavorings stronger in general) --in West LA --preferably in Westwood or Santa Monica area? Baklava is often 'toned-down' for Americans, & I really love the stronger tasting kind.

...A year or 2 ago a friend brought me some I think from a bakery around Olympic Blvd... but not sure I'm remembering the location right...


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    1. re: Ollie

      Nothing I’ve seen on their website's product descriptions indicates that they ever use rosewater in any of their recipes. Couldn’t hurt to call them, though.

    2. I expect most of the many Persian bakeries in town have some version of what you’re describing. Pink Orchid on Westwood Blvd. might be a good place for you to start.

      1. Attari Sandwich Shop desserts are extremely rosewatery, as are many other Persian desserts up and down Westwood Blvd.