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Nov 14, 2013 08:02 AM

Can't Miss in Detroit-Dearborn

Coming to Detroit-Dearborn this weekend. Will have some time Saturday and Sunday morning to explore with family (good eaters). What would the "can't miss" places in this area be? We're open to anything, but (1) will not be "dressing up" for dinner, so this eliminates high-end options, which is OK and (2) would like to keep it within 30-45 minutes of Deerborn. Would it be worth the 45 minutes to drive to Zingermans? Best burger joint in the area? Best breakfast? There seem to be a number of middle-eastern delis/restaurants, any suggestions?

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  1. Zingermans is sort of a "must do" in Ann Arbor. The game is away this weekend, so that helps, but keep in mind there's a busy farmers market in the area on Saturday, which doesn't help with the parking situation. I always like going to zings at night, much less crowded.

    Make sure to eat at a nice middle eastern restaurant in Dearborn. There are tons of recs on this board. You will not be out of place if you are in jeans or casual clothing.

    1. Miller's Bar is nationally noted for its burgers.

      Miller’s Bar
      23700 Michigan Ave
      Dearborn, MI 48124

      1. Saturday mornings are for Eastern Market in Detroit. There are some restaurants surrounding the market, but it's quite possible to just walk around and nosh. I always enjoy the croissant stand (almond, chocolate, various savories) among others. You'll also find the famous (Zimmern) Love's Custard Pies. And a variety of food trucks. Here's a market map (takes a minute to load)

        My favorite in Dearborn for homestyle middle eastern fare is Cedarland. For very good straightforward basic dishes (shawarma) I head for Hamido. Either way, my dessert stop is the always enticing Shatila-- especially for their tropical flavors of ice cream. Plus wonderful pistachio.

        Y*lp links are a short-cut way to convey addresses, hours of operation, website links and photos--

        Zingerman's is very good but very pricey. It depends on what you want, of course. I don't think it tops the Saturday morning Eastern Market experience, though.

        However, if you do go to Ann Arbor and you're near Kerrytown, Fustini's is a don't miss. Oils and vinegars may not sound that exciting, but wowie zowie those samples are addicting!

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          I'd agree that Eastern Market > Zingermans/AA Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Eastern Market is the comeback to the ruin porn crowd (looking at you, Bourdain). Great for people watching and just a vibrant city experience

          And for sure Middle Eastern in Dearborn! Or Slows just east of Dearborn on Michigan Avenue for BBQ

        2. Shatilla Bakery; do not skip their fruit ice creams.

          1. After Zingerman's Deli, go have a top-of-the-line coffee at local cafe roaster/cafe Mighty Good. Just 3 blocks away on Main Street.