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Nov 14, 2013 07:56 AM

Now THIS would have been a Chowder to remember!

Forget 1000 year old eggs. Forget 100 year old port! This clam has witnessed more than any other living animal (some form of microbe excepted).

PS.Nice job scientist....get nosey and kill the subject! Hope it at least tasted god.

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  1. I actually think I had Ming, stuffed, on a broiled seafood platter at a diner in Ho-Ho-Kus last week!

    1. That MSN piece is highly sensationalized and unjustifiably critical of the behavior of the scientists involved. For a more reasoned look at the subject, try the National Geographic:

      One interesting aspect of the story is that as there are so many centuries-old quahogs, and quahogs are so commonly used in chowder, it's entirely likely that we've all eaten some lunch that's older than our grandparents!

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        Thanks for the a child on Cape Cod....I also remember 20 lb lobsters that had to be done in a roasting pan and a hatchet or hammer used to break them up