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Nov 14, 2013 07:11 AM

Houston over/under

Zagat says Houston BBQ is overrated and pub food is underrated. That reminds me, it's probably time for a trip to Rudyard's.

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  1. I saw that yesterday and was astounded that Houston was even mentioned.

    Don't know how the answers were determined but with regard to bbq here, i would say a couple of much hyped places are over-rated, specifically Killen's and Brooke's Place; whether the whole genre is I don't know. Not a very appealing picture they used, if you ask me.

    Regarding pub food, I never drink more than a few sips so I don't frequent pubs.

    I like SF's examples - over-rated: food trucks (I suspect that's true here, although I don't frequent them anymore);

    and, under-rated: regular taco trucks. That's definitely true here.

    A general rule of thumb???? - whatever foodies are obsessing over is probably over-rated. See TJ's!

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    1. re: brucesw

      Can't get too worked up about it either way. I never heard anyone brag about Houston barbecue anyway, so I don't see how it could be "overrated" but whatever.

      Speaking of BBQ, don't forget J Mueller is here again a week from Saturday and has anyone been to Pierson's yet?

      If Clarence is truly back again, we just might have something to brag about.

      Hope you're well, big fella!

      Lastly, where are we going for this underrated "pub food". The Bull and Bear is close to me, and while I've had a few good things there, the food seems mostly an afterthought. And I WANT to love it very badly.

      I've heard good things about Queen Vic and Red Lion.

      Never been to either; recommend me something.

      Or somewhere else...

      Oh, and Bruce, I love TJ's. For one thing, it's about 100 yards from my office, so it's very convenient, but it also has some unique things and some great prices on other things. I stop in every week or two for milk, lettuce, dog treats, cheese, nuts, coffee, etc. It's not an everyday store, but I'm thrilled to have it so close to me.

      You don't have to like it, though. I don't mind.

      1. re: DoobieWah

        Red Lion has a surprisingly good burger and their tikka masala is good. Overall, they do a great job. Queen Vic is not on my return list. Rudyard's is a divey dive dive on Waugh that has a foodie following. I've only been at lunch, at night it is a live music forum. The kitchen puts out daily specials and the food is more than decent. I anxiously await the new pub in the Heights coming soon from Feast's English born chef Richard Knight. That should be some kind of wonderful.

        As for TJ's if I lived or worked close by I would stop in, but I don't get the near hysteria that breaks out over frozen Thai dishes and cookie butter. That's why its overrated in my book.

        1. re: DoobieWah

          "I never heard anyone brag about Houston barbecue anyway, so I don't see how it could be 'overrated' but whatever." This was my first thought.

          I agree with Lambowner that the tikka masala at the Red Lion is good. Also huge, and can easily make 2-3 meals. The chicken tikka quesadilla is also tasty. Oh, and I am a fan of the fish and chips, as well. Very traditional. They also have some sort of g&t with lavender that I enjoy.

          My impression is that people have very mixed opinions about the Queen Vic. They made Alison Cook's top 100 last year, but fell completely off the list this year. But we love it and go somewhat frequently. My favorite things are the peanut chicken tikka, the rarebit and the vada pav sliders (on the happy hour menu only but available anywhere in the restaurant, not just at the bar), pork vindaloo (not on the regular menu but frequently on special), shepherd's pie, beef wellington, and goan fisherman's curry. Good rotating beer list and interesting cocktails.

          Those are really the only two pubs that I am at all familiar with, other than Downing Street. And the food is not the attraction there (but the scotch list is great!).

          I like TJ's but find it kind of overwhelming unless I have specific things I am looking to buy.