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Nov 14, 2013 06:31 AM

Girl's Weekend in Montreal

Hi Everyone,

I will be in Montreal from November 23 (Sat) to November 25 (Mon). We will be staying at Le St. Martin on Maisonneuve Ouest and I need some advice! We are coming from Toronto so we would like to eat at restaurants that are perhaps, distinctly Quebecois, or give us a good feel of what is going on in Montreal at the moment.

After having scoured the boards, I have come up with a list of restaurants that we would like to try for dinner on the two nights but have no idea how to narrow them down. And I am open to other suggestions.
1) Maison Publique
2) Le Filet
3) 400 Coups
4) 3 petits bouchons
5) Au Pied du Couchon (my husband has been 3 times and has loved it)
The one caveat is that I have a dairy and egg intolerance, and I'm a bit concerned at which restaurants are not willing to make any substitutions or modifications.

Also, I am having some difficulty coming up with places to go for lunch. I want good casual places where we can get a decent lunch but still be able to snack throughout the afternoon!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Hi Icey,

    I think you've picked a pretty good bunch of restaurants. I'd say if distinctly Quebecois cuisine is your goal then 400 Coups and PDC would be your best bets. Filet trends more towards French-meets-Japanese, Maison Publique is obviously British cooking with local products, and 3PB I find to be pretty traditional French.

    However your intolerance could pose a potential problem. PDC in particular uses are ton of butter and cheese in almost everything, and I don't know their substitution policies. A few weeks ago I dined at Maison Publique with someone who had a dairy allergy and they were good about telling us which items to avoid (and also to provide us with the dairy-based sauces in a separate bowl). I'd guess that most places would attempt to accommodate but it might greatly limit your options. With this in mind I'd probably suggest Filet and 400 Coups.

    As for lunch, you probably won't find many options on the Sunday, when most places will serve brunch instead. Also note that many places are closed on Mondays so be sure to check hours ahead of time.

    1. My pick for a girl's night out would be

      Le Filet or Les 400 Coups.

      IMO, Maison Public, 3 Petits Bouchons and Au Pied de Cochon are more "men's night out", especially Au Pied de Cochon where they mostly serve _large_ portions.

      Except for dessert, All places should be OK for egg/dairy intolerances where those will be found in a lot of desserts.


      1. I have a dairy intolerance but I can tolerate butter and sour cream, most yogurts (but not some yogurt ice creams which have milk in addition to yogurt) and hard cheeses (ie where milk sugar has already been digested), so it would be helpful to inform the restaurant what kind of dairy intolerance you have.

        1. I have a cow intolerance so I know how challenging it can be. Le Filet has a lot of choices as there are a lot of Japanese options. APDC has a lot of cream and butter but there is a lot there cooked in duck fat or with bacon, or foie gras, so it is worth it for the distinctly Quebecois fabulousness. You are staying close to Chinatown 2 which has some cool choices for lunch like Qing Hua Dumplings, Cuisine Szechuan and Kazu. Just because it's not Toronto doesn't mean one has to avoid Asian food and they are nearly always dairy-free, usually easily egg free.

          I'd probably go to Maison Publique for brunch. Another great casual place is Saint Sushi Bar, good for lunch or dinner. Another fun place for a girls' night out is Pinxto, although it is Basque, not Quebecois. Lots of choices and small plates though so easy to manage intolerances there.

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            Depending on when you are arriving in Montreal I would go to Vin Papillon at 3-when it opens, for some little plates and a glass of is fun and lively and the food is wonderful. It is from the same team behind Joe Beef. Le Filet would definitely be my choice for dinner. I would recommend Chien Fumant for brunch on Sunday and Hotel Herman for dinner.
            Other options would be,
            La Salle A Manger
            Dominion Square Tavern-great downtown spot for a glass of wine
            I love Les Trois Petits Bouchons(I am female). I order 3 of my favourite appetizers in the city.
            Barbounya, a great Turkish Restaurant on a beautiful street in Outremont.

              1. re: hungryann

                I love the fried dates, mushroom tartiflette with or without fois gras and the octopus. They used to have beef carpaccio with Brie de meau ice cream that I loved but haven't seen it on the menu in the last couple of times I have been there.

          2. Thank you everyone for your replies! I will talk to the girls this weekend and go over everything. Pintxo is really attracting me at the moment and I am definitely going to try to go to Vin Papillon. Hopefully, they all agree on Le Filet as well and I can try to get reservations.