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Recipes for hors d'oeuvres using duck confit?

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For my husband's birthday in October, the kids and I gave him a 10 lb bucket of duck fat. He promptly whipped up a batch of duck confit, which now sits entombed in our fridge. We were thinking of using some of it for apps on Thanksgiving. Any ideas, besides rillettes?

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  1. How about mixing the confit with pears and blue cheese/goat cheese and putting that in endive spears and dressing it with a tart vinaigrette?
    Stuffing into new potatoes?
    You could use fruit(apple, pear, fresh fig) as a crostini.
    Can I assume you want to lighten the confit up?

    1. heat and glaze with pomegranate molasses, then pile it on arugula salad with pomegranate seeds and spiced candied almonds. bits of clementine are nice in there too. dress the greens with a peppery vinaigrette.

      1. Break up meat into small shreds.
        Get lovely baguette, slice thin, spread with your fav honey...lavender might be nice. Top with a thin slice of goat cheese, a crumble of duck, and broil for a few secs?.......o my!

        1. For our wedding they toasted/grilled squares of brioche bread and topped with duck confit and blue cheese with a bit of microgreens.

          1. (love rillettes but you're already on that)

            cassoulet (not an app but . . .)

            heat through, re-crisp in a hot skillet - serve with/in salad

            on a "pizza" with figs and goat cheese

            in an omelet for breakfast (or whenever, also not an app)

            I guess I'm feeling cheated by only being able to have it as an appetizer :D I keep thinking of other ideas . . . I'll stop now.

            1. Bake some small tarts and then spread maybe fig or plum jam on the bottom. Brown some apple slices in a pan and add a layer to the tart.Then top with the duck confit.

              1. Not for Thanksgiving but one of my favorite salads uses duck confit. This is off the menu at Victoria Gastropub in Columbia, MD.

                Warm Frisee and Baby Spinach Salad
                Smoked Duck Confit, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Poached Egg, Dijon Vinaigrette

                I think they also do sort of a seasoned crouton that might be made of old pretzel buns. Something crunchy that is not listed.

                1. Toast wheat bread, spread with fig jam, add a few arugula leaves and warm confit on top.

                  Duck tacos.

                  1. One of our favorite Asian restaurants makes duck confit into egg rolls and serves it with an orange glaze. I've made it at home several times. Really tasty.